So here I am , yet again , trying to figure out what it is I want in life , where I’m supposed to be. Only to realise that what I want isn’t always what I will get….. right? And that I won’t always end up where I want to be or thought I would be. For those following me a while, ye will know my story. For those who are new , it won’t take long to figure me out. I’m 27, a single mom to my gorgeous son Luke (16 months old) , I’m self employed I work as a Slimming World Consultant with 4 groups Tuesday’s 5.30pm 7.30pm Wednesdays 7.30am 9.30am at The Commons Inn Hotel Cork City. I started this Blog originally to help myself with my weightloss for a few weeks in the lead up to my sister’s wedding (currently down 7 stone 2.5pounds) but…