Banana Pancakes

What you Need: 2 Bananas 20g Ready Brek 1 egg 1/2 Tsp of Baking Powder Vanilla Essence Fry light Butter Flavour How to make: Spray your pan in fry light heat it on a low heat In a bowl Mash your Banana Add your beaten egg Add 20g Ready Brek 2 Tsp Vanilla Essence 1/2 […]

Spicy Breast n Bun

This Recipe makes 3 Medium – Large Chicken Breasts What you will need 40g Reduced Fat Cheddar (HexA) 60g wholemeal Bun (I use the Aldi Ones they weigh 72g remove 12g and the 60g can be used as Hexb) 1 Tbsp of Lighter Than Light Mayo 1 egg Lettuce For the coating 40g Chilli Doritos […]


So finally Im getting around to writing the long awaited blog post about Lanzarote. Im currently flying high in the sky on route to Malaga , for the first time I have no responsibility , no worries not a care in the world. I know loads say that they haven’t time and I don’t just […]

Potty Training

So for those who don’t know Luke – He is my 2 & a half year old son. He features quiet a bit on my social media. Long time followers will have seen me go from being just me , plain old Sarah on a weightless journey to being pregnant , being a first time […]

Red Pepper Homous Dip

Nandos Red Pepper Dip is one of my favourites and I promise this tastes exactly like it!What you will need:4 Sweet Red PeppersEasy GarlicEasy ChilliTin of chickpeas1 LemonHow to make:Roast your red peppers in the ovenI rinse & clean then boil my chickpeas for 5 minutes just to soften them.Add:Your easy chilli & garlic both […]

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