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Life's lessons

What to Expect when your Expecting……Expect nothing!!

​January 2016– Like you all, I set goals for my year ahead. I had hopes , dreams & visions set in my head on what I wanted from the year. However I learned a valuable lesson very early in 2016. We can’t plan ahead as we do not know what lies ahead…. Thankfully this was a positive lesson learned, …

Sarah's FatnFlab 2 FitNFab Journey

Life after Losing weight- Body Confidence

admire someone else’s Beauty without questioning your own. How true is the above? I’m guilty of always admiring others & criticizing myself, I don’t think I’m the only one. How many times have you done it? How many times have you said “look at her figure, I’d love it”  Why do we put ourselves down? …


Sarah’s Chicken Special ~ Chicken & Homemade Stuffing, Wrapped In Smoked Medallions

So I went and made my own special chicken Dish tonight for tomorrows lunch. It is 1/2 your HexB or else 3 syns, up to you. It tastes Amazing!!! ( of course I would say that) What you need 3 chicken Breasts 1 slim bagel Onion Thyme Jalapeños 4 smoked Medallions Chilli Flakes How to make: …

Tips & Advice

5 Reasons to why we avoid the scales & fall off track and How to succeed in 2016!

Around 28% of people for 2016 want to shed excess pounds, for 21% of people improving their fitness levels is a priority. In 2015 58% of people actually stuck to their word. For every 10 that joins slimming world this month only 3 or 4 will commit. Have a think about that for a second…… When you …