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Before I start , Let me make it Clear I do not go on to read or entertain any forums made to tarnish a person

I have received so many messages , screenshots, text messages regarding the absolute utter bullshit being wrote about my family & I.

Please ….. dont send it to me. Dont ask me about it. I do not follow or read these forums for a reason. You may stand in front of me , talk about how horrible it is. Yet everytime you go to look at it your increasing the traffic to the website. You are supporting it. Even if its from afar , just for a nose … your supporting it. And If you are someone who does then please unfollow me.

Back in February when everything happened , I learned a very very valuable lesson. That no matter how clear the truth is. People thrive on others sadness and will make the story what they want it to be for the bit of gossip

As ye know I’m journalling right now since just before I started councilling …. here is a snippet of one

April 2020 – “I hopped on a plane, shut off my phone and I just hid… Hid away from the embarrassment, the pressure , the questions…. I even hid away from those who (and believe me they are out there) thrive on others sadness. Me being me I wanted to control how I felt I wanted to be strong I wanted to cope and be the one who could do it all by herself. I wanted to prove to the ones that didn’t matter that I could do this Turns out I couldn’t and I cant. I dont have answers for people looking for gossip. Reality is they will gossip anyway, there was so many rumours I nearly believed them myself, a bit of advice don’t ever assume or speculate over situations you have no information about. Its not nice and causes people to add arms legs & tails”

Over the last while when people have sent me the stuff being wrote…. I contemplated shutting it all down. Whats the point? What is wrong with these people? Why does what I do bother them? Why hate me so much? Just unfollow me

I never ever believe anything now unless I’m told it by the person because I know how story’s can be carried from person to person. How dangerous peoples mouths are.

I’m a 29 year old girl with one accusation being a bully in school. Now dont get me wrong I was a messer in school the teachers were allergic to me because I’d only laugh when they gave out…..When people seen this who were actually in school in me so many got onto me to defend me. I wasn’t in anyway shape or form a bully.

I was bullied…. for years. Bullied to the extent I tried to end my life at a very young age. All because I was fat. I have been bullied and couldn’t get away from it. Right now I am now just one of the many victims to this online harassment and bullying. The only difference is now I can get away from it….How??? I absolutely ignore it and have no intentions of going on it … so il ask you dont either.

I walked around Aldi tonight so lost as to what to do. Do I shy away and let them win or do I use my platform to get people to see its not normal to want to read that stuff. Its not okay on any level to even think that its normal. Try make people see that you might love certain influencer’s and go on to read what they have wrote about them…. Your supporting those people in what they are setting out to do and thats destroy that person .

Its not about me anymore. My Parents , my Sisters , my 92 year old nan ,my Family…my Son ….. they dont deserve to be even spoke about. I’ve caused this for them and I’m riddled in guilt over it.

Everyone has said ignore it dont read it….

Dont address it ……..

I am addressing it. Not for any other reason than I want those who go on there to unfollow me. And if I’m left with no one following then so be it. Its never been about numbers or status for me. Ever.

As a parent I want my son to know that its OK for everyone to have an opinion but I want him to know that you do not back down from bullies. You do not allow people make out your something your not. You stand up for yourself. Whether your standing with loads by your side supporting you or on your own , you stand up for yourself.

So many people have committed suicide suffered with mental health from online bullying. Where in our society is anyone ok with this? Why are you okay with reading this stuff?

I firmly believe my past experiences have made me as strong as I am today – Arent I glad.

What if I wasn’t that strong?

Think before you type.

If someone has something to say about anyone that is supposedly truths & facts… yet they have to hide behind a fake name then ask yourself how true it is? If it was your daughter or son writing the stuff or entertaining it what would you say to them?

Remember you do not know who’s behind the name.

So please I’m kindly asking for you to unfollow me if you hate me and my content. If I’m of no benefit to you.

Im asking that unless you hear it from me to not believe it. Dont read it Dont support it.

I’m lost still to why I’m doing this but one thing I know is Im not giving this up. I won’t defend whats been said. Leave them say whatever they like. I know who I am and those closest to me do to.

Sarah x

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