I have no words for this one but would absolutely love to see what you all think! Dont forget to tag me if you make it. I decided instead of a recipe Id just do it Layer by Layer to make it easier.

Here you go –

60g Wholemeal Bun (I use the ones in Aldi – they weigh 72g I remove 12g bread, so its my HexB) – I toasted mine left them cool before using.

Mushy Peas – I shop in Aldi but I did go and get Batchelors Tinned Mushy Peas. Pop them in a saucepan at a low heat. A large Tablespoon goes on the bottom

Beef Pattys – Less than 5% Fat Mince Meat – I mix my mince meat with Salt Pepper & an egg. Use your hands (clean hands obviously) to mix it all together. I bought a Burger Press in Dealz and I make my Pattys out of that. Use some baking Paper to Layer them on a plate depending on how many you make. I stored mine in the fridge for a few hours covered in tinfoil then grilled them. Usually would take 15-20 mins.

Cheese – 1×20g Slice Reduced Fat Cheddar

Cheese & Onion Pie– Steam your peeled Rooster Potatoes. Because I make loads of Burgers when I do Make them I use 6 Large potatoes. Once they are steamed mash them straight away & add in a raw egg. Mash it immediately the heat from the potatoes cooks the egg and you wont even know its in there. Then add in some Salt Pepper, Thyme & Rosemary – to your liking. 2 Diced small Onions. Mash it all in. Weigh out 150g of Grated Mozarella. Mash it all in. You should get 10 potatoe pies. When cooking Spray With Butter Fry Light – pop them into a preheated oven 160°c for 20 mins on a Meche Tray – Available in Dealz

Next you pop another Meat Patty

10g of Garlic Mayo – I used the Abra Brand One.

Curry Sauce I used The Mcdonalds Curry pots that are on Sale in Super Value. You will get 3 Burgers out of 1 pot.

Then top it all with your Top Bun and BOOOOOOM!!!

This is what you get. Thank me later 💓

Sarah’s Slimmers Chipper Burger
Mouth Watering

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