Apple Crumble

HexB & 8 syns

What you need:

300g Cooking Apples Cooked/Pureed – Hexb

1 Tbsp Sweetner – 0.5 syn

7up Free – Free

30g Plain Flour 5.5 syns

10g Flora Light – 2 syns

How to make:

Preheat Oven to 160°c

In a saucepan place 4 peeled and diced cooking Apples

1/3 of a can of 7up Free

Let it simmer away for 10/15 mins on a low heat (number 2 or 3) add 7.5g Sweetner

In a bowl, mix your flour and 7.5g Sweetner then add in your 10g flora light. With your hands mix it together forming a crumble.

Once your apple is done place 300g of it into a large Ramakin.

Top with your crumble and into the oven for 30mins.


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