Chicken Liver Parfait

So I’ve passed this to a few family members and they all approve! It is unreal. The Parfait is completely free, the jam does have syns but minimal. What you will need for the Parfait 400g Chicken Liver (Mccarthys Gurranabraher stocks this […]

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White Chocolate Raspberry Porridge

Do you ever just want comfort? Well heres a big bowl of it! So delicious What you need: 40g oats 300mls 1% fat milk 12.5g White Chocolate Chips 1 Sachet Options White Hot Chocolate Frozen Raspberries To make: In a pot stir […]

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Protein Bars

Ingredients – 60g Oats 4 Dates 5 Peacans 3 Brazil Nuts 5 Almonds 15ml Groovy Food Company Honey Syrup 15g Sweet Freedom Choc Shot Pot 10g White Choc Chips 2 eggs How to make- Preheat your oven to 160°c Using a Pestle […]

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