So finally Im getting around to writing the long awaited blog post about Lanzarote.

Im currently flying high in the sky on route to Malaga , for the first time I have no responsibility , no worries not a care in the world. I know loads say that they haven’t time and I don’t just say it for the sake of it , I really don’t have the time. 

But now I do so here it goes…..

Ive been travelling back &  forth to Lanzarote since I was 15, Im 28 now so I suppose 13 years twice a year most years except when I was in Oz!

Everyone always says why don’t I try somewhere new, which Im doing now but I love going somewhere I know. Where I am Guaranteed nice weather 90% of the time , nice food & a friendly atmosphere . We have spent all our time In Puerto Del Carmen (PDC) as this is the main resort in Lanzarote. Ive never been anywhere else on the island , Ive visited the other places but only stayed in Puerto Del Carmen.

Ive been there as a child with my family , Ive been there as a Single Pringle , In relationship’s & with my very own family so for me I do know the Island inside out.

Just remember though what I like may not be what you like. 

Old Town VS New Town – The panic when I see those words for any resort, I can confirm that in PDC the Old Town and New Town aren’t 2 opposite places – They are just two different areas but you can walk between the two!



So I’ve stayed in pretty much all apartments in Puerto Del Carmen. (I swear!!!)

In September – For me I didn’t want a kids club as it wasn’t going to benefit me, I wouldn’t put Luke Into a kids club until he’s at an age where he can tell me whats happening or god forbid anything was to go wrong he would be able to communicate it with me – Crazy mama I know. 

Labranda Playa Club –

 These apartments are on the flat right across from the Casino and have a fantastic mid size kiddies pool separate to the main pool but not far away. Its a case of you can sit by the kiddies pool and watch them play without fear of the bigger pool. The apartments are spotlessly clean & in recent years the cost to stay here has gone up. This is where we would of always stayed with our parents and I must say I do love them. Very Central. Well suited for couples also. 

Atlantis las Lomas-

If its more of a budget holiday or your like us and not bothered where you stay once its clean then Atlantis Las Lomas is fantastic. Now they are situated on “Cardiac Hill” but my 2 year old was well able to walk up and down it – it looks and sounds worse than it is , so don’t be put off when you hear cardiac hill. Its the perfect accommodation , loads of pools , very family friendly , a playground , etc. 

If you didn’t want to leave the complex there is entertainment at night such as karaoke etc. When you walk out of the apartments you can go down the hill to the new town or turn right and stroll to the old town. These are definitely one of my favourites. Upon booking I would just ask for a ground floor apartment if you have a buggy etc.

Cinco Plaza –

These became a favourite of ours when We started having our own kids, The reason for that was they have entertainment for the family all day long – well at least when we stayed here they had . It was water sports , kids club , water aerobics. I think if your booking here now it has to through a travel agent but if you have kids who maybe wouldn’t go to a kids club or maybe you just don’t want to have to entertain them yourself during the day or night this would be a place to stay.  Again up a hill but not a problem.

Fayna y Flamingo – 

The Current Favourite for our crowd. The reason for that – the bar outside it is called the kiosk and they love it. Pizza and a pint 5 euro!! As Kieran Burke says how could you go wrong with that!!!

Ah no but in all seriousness these apartments are quiet , relaxing family friendly. You would feel your a million miles away from the strip but your not, your actually opposite Labranda Playa Club so again extremely central . These would be a favourite of mine for couples with no kids or families also as its suited to everyone. 

Those would be my top 4 but if you have an accommodation booked and your not sure of it send it my way because I can guarantee Ive Stayed there. 

If you do want child free accommodation – San Francisco Apartments are ones I know of that have a no under 18 policy but I’ve never stayed there, for me I think when you have no kids or haven’t brought them with you , you can still relax and switch off knowing the kids around you aren’t your responsibility 

But its each to their own.

Fayna Y Flamingo
Labranda Playa Club
Atlantis Las Lomas
Cinco Plaza

Bars & Resturaunts

One thing I love on holidays is food & drink , hence why I gained 11 pounds in Lanzarote back in September 2018!! LOL

In all honesty I don’t have any late nights when Im on holidays with Luke and that is mainly because I would prefer to have my drinks during the day and have early nights and sip on a few on the balcony . Now some places I wouldn’t of minded him being up and dancing to the music. I just wouldn’t have him until 1 pr 2 in the morning and falling over the buggy taking him home its not my scene.

Golden Corner – aka Miss Piggies 

This place is hard to miss because its right next to the casino. Growing up and being on holidays this is where we would go for a cheap and cheerful brekkie! To this day that hasn’t changed

Greasy but unreal when your hungover – not so slimming world friendly. 

I think its like 1.99 for the breakfast with tea or coffee , 2.50 if you want orange juice included also. I love the cocktails here the lunch grub to. Its one of my favourite spots for day time drinking. Perfect spot for a few drinks in the evening to as Luke would watch his iPad in the buggy. Can be pricey for drinks at night but if your child free a cocktail here midday is simply bliss.

 The Kiosk 

Right so this place isn’t far from the casino and again is cheap and cheerful. For me personally its not ideal to go here with buggies we didn’t go when we went with the kids because its uncomfortable. The kiosk is more or less a marque with a bar on the strip, I think a pint bottle of Bulmers is 2.50 – some places would charge you the same as at home and Im not mean at all but my first few holidays here without my parents I was robbed from drink because I didn’t know just where to drink during the day. This is where you need to be without the kids. My dad loves the pizza and a pint deal for 5 euro and his mentality is right have your few drinks during the day and a snack ( Sure you have to do it your on holidays) thats cheap and cheerful so you can enjoy your evenings even more, however they tend to just stay here most nights as the love everything about it. A large pint of beer is 1.50!!

The Island 

What a bar – again personally I wouldn’t bring Luke here its in the old town down a lot of steps but if your looking for a session then head here. Its absolutely buzzing , located in the old town just a short walk down from the Shopping Centre. Rory and the lads will give you a night to remember. Brian just turned and asked me where this is that we have never been and we haven’t I laughed because we always have had Luke with us and I wouldn’t take him here. If your with older kids our on your own then go!!


This is a lot Further up along from the Casino (has always been the ‘middle” for me , so last of my directions will start here) so the casino is behind you turn left and walk until you see it!! You can’t miss it . This Bar doesn’t do food but again a savage cold pint or cocktail during the day with Pringles!! You can’t not have them!! Its rocking at night time to , nothing worse when we passed each night bringing the kids home looking in. Im not a fan of nightclubs so to me this is just perfect as its a late night bar with loads of music , giving you that night club feeling.


Africa is situated above mulligans in the new town. Its up stairs there is no lift which was a little dissapointing when we had my nan because she couldn’t go there yet we knew she would love it. However when we went with Luke we just lifted the buggy up. The Music is a live band and to be fair they do interact with the kiddies and its a grand spacious Bar for them. I really enjoy the food here during the day for nibbles and just to snack for he sake of snacking with a drink. Its decent food for a decent price.


Possibly one of my favourite restaurant’s on the island!! We love this place and the night we got engaged Brian had organised a table here afterwards. Now every other time it was unreal but the night we got engaged I don’t know was it the fact I was shocked and my stomach was up in a heap , thats maybe why it wasn’t great but usually its unreal. The burgers are savage as are the prawn starter- just saying haha!

Its situated right across from the Farione’s Hotel. 

Enjoy – Asian / Chinese Cuisine 

Previously in Lanzarote Asian/Chinese restaurants were like every other restaurant but now they have 2 or 3 big developed restaurants and Enjoy would be my favourite. Not far from Ruta 66 and the food is gorgeous here. It Cant be missed on the strip.

American Indian Cafe

The food here is fab for dinner , Its nearby Africa , Its a huge restaurant live music begins after 9 here. We had dinner here a night and I had no complaints. Very Family Friendly. Can be hit & miss if I’m honest tho as I have had previous nights where I was waiting ages and it wasn’t that busy the night in question but overall I would recommend it.


Things to do – for Everyone

So if I’m honest Im not your typical activity tourist type gal on hols!

Until Recently when I have tried to be a little bit more active – trying to steer away from the eat sleep drink repeat kinda Holiday!

Lanzarote – Puerto Del Carmen does have quite alot to offer just pending on what it is your looking for.

For me Ive done a handful of trips – However you can book all your trip in the excursion centres along the strip.

Rancho Texas Park being one of them – Its an animal park with a splash world! I really did enjoy it and to think Ive been to Lanzarote so many times and only ever went here In September! Its a great day out and kids 4 plus would get a great day from it , as do smaller kids but they don’t quite understand all the animals I guess at this age , altho Luke loved looking at them all! There is a fab splash world and pool area here so it is worth the day trip!

The actual water park or the volcano mountains I haven’t been to but the family have and they enjoyed them to.

One thing I will Highly recommend & can’t wait to do it with Luke is The Bike rentals. Awn Lads its fab- We rented them one year and had a great laugh ,PDC has fantastic walkways but also has great bicycle lanes. You can rent family bikes which we did one day and cycled through PDC passed Matagorda – Straight out to Arrecife where you can pull the Bike over and watch planes literally fly over your head and land , Its a great view! Kids will love this.

You have your usual Paddle Boats and beds on the beach you can rent but I wouldn’t be your Beach kinda girl, Even tho thats where Brian proposed , I find my chub rub gets aggravated more by the sand so I rather the pool area!! If you do like the beach you won’t be disappointed with the PDC on.

For kids also if you go and locate yourself  by the casino , Have your back to it and walk right , keep walking until you come across The trampolines & Mini Golf, Soft Ball area. This is a great place during the day if you have kids as you can have your few drinks and let them play around! In saying that I love the mini golf so Pre Luke I would of gone here anyway!!

Shopping Wise , the strips is filled with your shops filled with everything from towels , suncream to key rings and magnets. Im all about saving the baggage allowance for things you need so save yourself the hassle and buy your towels when you get there – range from 5 to 10 euros. You can get adaptors for your phone , a deck of cards , almost anything in these shops. You will find prices differ in each shop but if like me & you have grown up watching Del Boy you won’t be long haggling with them!

The Biosfera Plaza Shopping Centre Is located in the old town – I love this place , Honest to god its fab , Everything from Zara , Bershka & Pull n Bear are here , great kiddie shops to. This is where your gonna find the reliable McDonalds , Its a kid friendly shopping centre so you will find on the top level various activities for them to do. Mini Golf Soft Ball area , Open Cinema just to name a few. I always spend a day here or tend to head there when the weather is at its hottest during the day ( great escape with the kids).

You will find Markets are on weekly In Lanzarote , The old town , Teguise has one to. They are worth the trip but I just find after years I wouldn’t make it a priority to get to them. Just because its the same old stuff but it is worth the trip if its your first time. You will find all the details go the markets in the excursion centres or add yourself to the Facebook page need to know – Lanzarote. People post here all the time.

I don’t know if this will help anyone but I just wanted to give a few of my favourites. Remember as I said everyone is different. I absolutely Love PDC and will always go there because I feel I know it so well Im always guaranteed a gorgeous relaxing fun filled holiday!

If you have any questions just Email them in or pop over to my Instagram & ask me!

Sar x

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