Potty Training

Before I begin please remember no 2 kids are the same ……

So for those who don’t know Luke – He is my 2 & a half year old son. He features quiet a bit on my social media. Long time followers will have seen me go from being just me , plain old Sarah on a weightless journey to being pregnant , being a first time young mom, so on so forth , now I feel like I can share all the things I find help me along the way as a mom.

Luke was showing signs just after he turned 2 of wanting to be toilet trained , wanting out of nappies. If I was in the bathroom he would waddle in saying my turn my turn and I would take the nappy off , let him sit down on the toilet holding him each time. Even if he didn’t go I would cheer him on and say well done , I just felt like praising him for the effort alone would make him eventually grasp that this was what we are supposed to do. When we headed on Holidays In September – on his 2nd Birthday I did try to train him – I think we lasted a whole 3 hours but It was way to much work for us,  He just wasn’t fully ready either ,  I don’t think I trusted him enough he obviously picked up on it. So we carried on doing what we were doing. Nappies on full time but allowing him use the bathroom if Brian or I went.

At this stage I bought little underpants for him to wear if we were around the house , I would let him in them and use a potty downstairs due to our toilet being upstairs I was asking to much of him t make it up here to go. The potty seemed like a great idea to solve this issue of him having to run up a flight of stairs.

It did work he knew what to do when he sat on the Potty or the toilet . I know from feedback from others that kids can sometimes hold in poos because they are afraid to go but I cant say we had that problem , Lucky I guess.

Now here we go…. the biggest hate of mine.. A Potty!!

My first top tip – again my opinion everyones will differ but just use the toilet not the potty. I felt it confused him because he doesn’t see Mommy or Daddy sitting in the kitchen randomly going to the bathroom on this plastic potty, So I scrapped that after a few days. He did look for it he did cry for it but I had to explain the toilet was where we had to go.

This went on for 5 months …. Everyone kept saying he was still to young , he’s only a baby give him a chance , The fact that he did it with very little accidents when he was trusted gave me the instinct that he’s ready.

March this Year 2019 we randomly booked a 5 day holiday to Lanzarote with my 90 year old nan, over to surprise all the other family members.

I travelled over with just Luke , My Nan & I.

Brian didn’t come with us so I just mentioned I would try my hardest to have him trained when we come home….and I did!!

So how did I do it in such as a short space of time???

I didn’t google how to do it

I didn’t read a book

I didn’t do anything than trust my own child and work with him.

I took his Nappy off the Friday Morning and we haven’t had one on since.

No pull ups either.

I felt being away from home, away from work and just spending time with him would enable me to actually give him my undivided attention. So I did and I promise it wasn’t hard at all.

I would sit by the pool watch his face or how he stood I could tell if he needed to go and I would ask him he would screech yeah mommy and we would run into the apartment , there was a few accidents but because I wasn’t under pressure to get him trained and I wasn’t under pressure in general, when he did have an accident we would change the under pants clean him down make him still feel super proud so that he would grow from that.

He made me laugh so much because by day 3 we had it pretty much nailed , He would ask me am I super proud or say good job mommy if I went to the toilet, which showed me what I was saying and doing worked for him.

I didn’t get angry or cross with him if there was an accident. We went out every day and night I never put a nappy back on him. If  we were out to dinner Id simply bring him with me to the toilet or ask him every 10 mins (painful when you have food in front of you) but it worked. Bedtime, I didn’t use pull ups and my reasoning was I will ask him before bed and when he wakes up , Don’t get me wrong I have had to change sheets while away or home but He would wake saying uh oh mommy sorry and run to the toilet. He just needed to learn how to get into this routine.

Coming home , the dreaded thoughts of the airport, the flight – its 4 hours long.

Do I just give myself peace of mind or Do I trust him?

I trust him. We went to the airport , By now day 5 we had a routine poos about 10am again maybe about 3 and then the evening again – Boys eh!!

No way would he go in the airport I was watching him like a hawk, was not happening and I Laugh now but its like he knew it he knew it was driving me insane and wouldn’t go.

Onto our flight no poo had at this stage no nappy with me either but I did start carrying spare underpants and an outfit with me since day 1 as a back up.

3 hours into the flight he had a sleep watched the iPad and next I seen him bend down, in the position clearly needing to go , well I lifted him and ran – my poor nan didn’t know where to look , he had a little accident but he went in the toilet he said sorry and we moved on.

When we got home I did worry because again a new environment to where all the work had been done , I won’t lie we struggled not having the Bathroom downstairs. He’s only small its a fair trek up a flight of stairs.

I did find it a little bit of a struggle for him going from the apartment to home so I got him a sticker board for our toilet and anytime he did poos or pees he got stickers , if he did poo’s I would make a big deal of him going , giving him extra stickers – it just worked.

I was sent so much online stuff, books , articles but you know what…. just trust your child be patient and make it fun! They will LOVE you more for trusting them and not forcing them.

None of us work well under pressure , it stresses us out so imagine how they feel when they are that small.

I hope our experience helps someone.

Any questions feel free to email me

Sarah & Luke x

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