Red Pepper Homous Dip

Red Pepper Homous Dip

One of my favourite snacks, I promise it tastes just like Nando’s Red Pepper Dip – Except mine is all free not in a sin in sight!

What you will need : 

4 Sweet Red Peppers

1 tin of chickpeas

Easy Chilli

Easy Garlic

Pink Rock Salt

1 Lemon

How to make-

Roast your red peppers in the oven for about 15 mins @ 180’c

Boil your chick peas once they are rinsed & drained ( I like to do this- just to soften them) for maybe 5 to 6 mins

Add a heaped tsp of Easy Chilli & Easy Garlic to a bowl

Sprinkle some Pink Rock Salt over it

Add your drained Chickpeas

Add your Sweet Peppers

Squeeze Lemon Over it


I promise its Delicious

Sar x


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