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Will know that last year, June 2017 my sister’s roped me in to getting BOTOX done!

Truth be told I am quiet expressionate (you wouldn’t think it haha), my forehead had more wrinkles than one would think!

At 26 years old I didn’t look into it , never asked any questions , I just went with them to get it done and didnt know any better , I had no issue with the work I had done (3 areas) but the surroundings weren’t the greatest and it did turn me off ever wanting to go back or sending followers in there.

Anyway I’ve always said I wouldn’t dream of getting it done not a chance , ya right Sarah!!

Fast forward to May 2018 , 27 years old and I have had my 2nd lot!

My reasoning for writing this is I always get sooooooo many questions and queries. Now I confidentally send them to Mary’s Snapchat

Celeste Medical Clinic Snapchat

So my first lot lasted a good 6 months and I got another few weeks of it being ok , again as I’ve said the work was fine the surroundings are another story.

I spoke alot about How I needed it done again and How I had received vouchers to go in to a clinic in cork to get it done by my sister’s at Christmas (not one bit insulting)

Just as I was booking in to have it done I was contacted by Celeste Medical Clinic – Dr Mary Sheehan.

Mary – formally of Opera Lane – Cork , invited me out to her brand new clinic in Douglas, Cork.

Ye all know me by now I was googling who the person was , the clinic the lot LOL mainly because you just never know who your dealing with.

Well let me tell you all how lucky I am to of been approached by Celeste.

I was dreading going out there, it felt like my first time all over again but I was blown away.

The Clinic is to such a high standard it’s an absolute credit to her.

Before anyone says – of course your gonna say that because you got it done complimentary (I did offer to pay) – your wrong , yes it was complimentary however my first lot was discounted to and I snapchatted the work being done but could never write a post on it – because I wouldn’t send someone to that place. If someone asked me privately I told them but I never came on and spoke out.

Because if I don’t like the surroundings it doesn’t mean everyone else wouldn’t like them? If that makes sense.

As an indivual I’l let ye know when I highly recommend something. If I mention I’m going somewhere and never talk of it again , there will be a reason!

Just wanted to clear that up LOL!

Soooo let’s carry on , I’m absolutely so lucky

1) to of been approached by such a high standard clinic

2) to receive my treatments complimentry

3) to gain knowledge on BOTOX

I’ve titled this a journey because that’s what it is.

There are so many assumptions around BOTOX , loads that are untrue but if you have an area your unhappy with my moto is go get it sorted!

Mary injected me in 3 areas around my forehead the usual question is did it hurt , not at all! I can’t get waxed (eyebrows even) without pulling away from the girls so if I can get this done anyone can.

We did a little bit at the side of my eyes to (crows feet) more for prevention as opposed to anything else. Again a slight pinch.

The procedure is over in minutes and before we began it was all explained to me. Mary went through all I needed to know about what I was getting done and wanted to have the end result to my liking. So it wasn’t a case of here we are there you go see ya later , she spent time taking it through with me.

With all of her clients you are brought back 2 weeks after for a check up , to make sure the botox has set right and if you need more it will be done complimentary.

Upon my 2 week check up I still had the slightest frown line and we opted to add a little bit more.

I will most certainly will be returning to Celeste Medical Clinic and I would highly recommend it to each and every one of you.

Please excuse the dryness of my skin I just got my skincare sorted out.

Before & After – Frown lines

For any further questions you can contact the Clinic on

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