Beneath The Clothing – The Downside to my Weightloss 

Hey Everyone ,

So for weeks I’ve been putting off writing this, I don’t know why exactly but I just feel now is my time to write it.

I don’t want this to put anyone off losing weight because it was the absolute best decision I’ve ever made. 

For those who follow my Snapchat (fatnflabfitnfab) You will know I’ve spoke about this before briefly

Anyone who’s just started to follow me , Here’s a little insight into my journey :

Before I began Losing weight x

Im Sarah , 27 , mommy to a gorgeous little monster Luke who is 17 months old! To date I’ve lost 7 stone 4 pounds. I’ve gone from a 22-24 to a size 10-12 ( I still order bigger though all the time)

I’m a Slimming World Consultant at the Blackpool group Tuesdays 5.30pm 7.30pm Wednesdays 7.30am 9.30am , In the Commons Inn hotel.

I blog daily on my food ,my journey & my life through social media!

I don’t keep much to myself i’l always share what I need to , especially if I know it will help others.

So here I am 7 stone 4 pound down , You would wonder why it is I’m not 100% happy? Or what’s the reason behind this Blog post.

So here it goes….

I remember before losing weight how I felt that it was going to fix all my problems. It was all I ever thought.

 “If I could just lose the weight everything else would be fine”
How wrong was I?

I didn’t think of the excess skin , I didn’t think of the stretch marks (caused by overeating not pregnancy) , I didnt think of how self concious I was , that it wasn’t going to just disappear with my weight.

Everyday I get so many compliments, very few I take on board. Again why is that?

Because as you all know no matter what anyone says to you it will not change how you feel unless you change how you feel about yourself.

Now – you can’t see it until I show it x
Looks fine when I’m standing x

This is taking me ages to word it how I want to but I’m gonna just show the real pictures.

I live everyday wishing I could get rid of my excess skin. I’m 27 and my body is just not what I want it to be. I’m embarresed by it.

I’m single I should add and the thoughts of ever becoming comfortable with someone, comfortable enough for them to see this , scares the life out of me. I’m so so so conscious of it. So sharing it here is a step in the right direction.

My Breast has actually dropped so much it’s no longer attached to my breast bone.
When I lie flat in bed or plank you can see the skin.

I’m sick to my stomach sharing these pictures but it’s for people to see that no matter what we are all body concious no matter what size we are.

Losing weight has changed my life in amazing ways but this is always what causes my upset.

I can’t just wear any dress , I can’t just shop online because I have to dress for my body now. I’m limited to what I can wear, extremely limited . I suppose looking back I thought losing weight I would be able to wear anything. That’s not true. At all. I can’t. If anything it’s harder to dress now.

I know to some this might seem dramatic but unless you have lost the weight and your in a similar situation you won’t understand.

This post is being written for many reasons.

If your heading in the direction of becoming overweight , make changes now to prevent yourself having to deal with the challenges you will face in losing weight and the final result for you. You can avoid the excess skin if you start losing it now.

If your in a similar situation know your not alone.

If you have ever looked at someone and thought ” what’s wrong with her she has a grand figure ” take a minute to realise we can all dress to hide it but that doesnt change our feelings.

I now feel content , that when I’m being paid a compliment I’ve shown why I struggle to accept them.

It’s not for anyone to compliment me or reassure me ,  it’s for them to understand why I feel how I do.

For now I’m going to go training again see does it help if not, I will may take the road of surgery and have it removed & get a boob lift. I just don’t want anyone to think I’ve cheated. I haven’t.

Sarah x

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3 thoughts on “Beneath The Clothing – The Downside to my Weightloss 

  1. Your a true star ? Sarah, I’m following you on Snapchat and love it. You keep it real regardless and I thank you for that. Probably pointless saying you do look GORGEOUS and do what you have to do to make YOU happy, and if it means surgery then so be it. You’ll still be the beautiful motivational Sarah to me xxx

  2. You’re such an amazing person. Ive only recently started following you and i love your honesty and determination. Im lucky enough to never have had a weight problem. Keep it going your doing an amazing job.
    From a mum of an 18mth old girl x

  3. I feel the exact same as u!! Single too for the same reason!! Hate my body before and after weight loss!! Fully understand where u are coming from xx

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