Finding Sarah

So here I am , yet again , trying to figure out what it is I want in life , where I’m supposed to be.

Only to realise that what I want isn’t always what I will get….. right?

And that I won’t always end up where I want to be or thought I would be.

For those following me a while, ye will know my story. For those who are new , it won’t take long to figure me out.

I’m 27, a single mom to my gorgeous son Luke (16 months old) , I’m self employed I work as a Slimming World Consultant with 4 groups Tuesday’s 5.30pm 7.30pm Wednesdays 7.30am 9.30am at The Commons Inn Hotel Cork City.

I started this Blog originally to help myself with my weightloss for a few weeks in the lead up to my sister’s wedding (currently down 7 stone 2.5pounds) but it was never meant to be a blog, never to be what it is now. I spend my life helping others as best I can , showing daily how losing weight isn’t hard….. I show the ups , the downs & everything in between.
No losing weight isnt hard … it’s life can be hard , the problems we face daily are hard not the actual losing weight.

Following any plan, its easy when you know what to do. However no one can tell you what tomorrow holds so how can you prepare a day of the perfect food and have a plan, when if it goes out of your control (it can happen)….. Your plan might not go the way you want but by trying to be ready makes it easier.

“When you can’t control what’s happening challenge yourself to how you respond to what is happening ……..that is where the power is”

I suppose I felt the need to start typing when I was faced with hard situations in my own life that caused me to lose focus on my goals, my journey & myself.

Question myself I suppose.

When other people’s opinions of me , how they may of treated me , made me doubt myself and my worth as an individual. In all aspects of life that is.

Who doesn’t do that?

Only for a chat with a very close friend who litreally has guided me through life with nothing but good intentions since the day we met , I wouldn’t be writing this because she made me see so much that I couldn’t. Just a few wise words that will always stay with me for life. 

Who am I? What do I want? What do I need? What will benefit me? How will it benefit me?

I Have lost the weight I wanted to lose, I did that and continue to do so. I never miss a weigh in. No matter if I’ve food optimised 100% or if I’ve ate the lamb of god & came back for his apostles I will weigh in.. unless it’s impossible for me to go

I Have a home for Luke & I. A home we call ours that I’m able to pay for on my own. (It’s not cheap) but so worth it. It drives me on to work harder for us.

I Have a Job I absolutely adore. Even when I’m bogged down with things to do I love it. I can’t call it work. They say find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life. That is a true story. I have made friends forever in my members.

I Have a great close family , (we kill eachother- that’s normal right?) Who support me at all times and even if they don’t see the method to my madness they are always there to help along the way , leaving me follow my hopes & dreams.

I Have friends. Very few if I’m honest but enough so that I know they are true friends for life. Who won’t ever put me wrong. Who are there when I need them no matter when that is. Who don’t judge who listen and support. Who motivate. Who have the same purpose in life as me.

I Have my Blog, it’s my life now. I have followers in so many places it shocks me sometimes. To think I inspire that many people.

One thing i’l never forget I Have is a Beautiful Angel above guiding me on  my way through life down here. My Aunt Marion. Some may not believe in angels but I do. She turns up in places with signs that I know are her just at the times I wish she was here to see it all.

So with all of the above that I Have why is it that I consistently feel I’m missing something, Someone or that I need to work harder?  That I need more to be happy?

It’s because I thought at 27 I would be at a different place in life. What I had imagined for myself is nothing like what I have now. ( all us girls thought we would be married & in a house at this age living the happy ever after ) we didn’t think about life happening really. I didn’t anyway.

It’s because I start to feel that Luke is being let down not having his parents together but not thinking he’s so lucky for all he has. What about the kids who haven’t any parent? Or haven’t a home? Health? Or a family. My baby is beyond lucky.

Only for this post I realise my life , it’s so much better than I had imagined.

Only for this post I would of carried on thinking I’m missing something or someone or that I don’t work hard enough and let that thought cause me to not enjoy what I have right now.

What I have now is irreplaceable and forever.

Because i’l be honest

I forget how much I’ve achieved.

I forget how hard I worked to get where I am  (Even when I was told I couldn’t and wouldn’t)

I forget that I Have so much in my life im worth more as a person (not financially ?) anything extra in it needs to benefit me. I mean that. Really benefit me. Make a difference to my life.

Because I have enough , I’ve done enough. I have no reason to ever feel incomplete.

I have finally found Sarah.

Turns out she let life , it’s ups & downs , the people we meet along the way make her doubt herself and her purpose.

She’s now grounded , she’s found her feet and is chasing her dreams for 2018. Making sure along the way she believes she can achieve anything once she works for it.

Sarah x

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