Butternut Squash Curry 

So as most of you may of seen from my Snapchat  (fatnflabfitnfab) I used my Butternut Squash soup as a base for a curry

This was the first time I did it and will definitely be only ever doing it this way

I used :

3 large cups of soup – Speed

28g Mayflower curry powder – 4 syns

Tesco Hot Curry Powder – Free

Chillies – Speed

4 Medium Chicken Breasts – Free

To make :

Boil your chicken in a pot for 30-35 mins until cooked

In a separate pot have your soup on a low heat

Add in your 28g of Mayflower curry powder

Stir it until it becomes a curry sauce

Top it up with the Tesco Hot powder ( this would be yo your liking , I love curry so I used a good bit)

Add in chillies to your liking , I used the frozen chopped chillies from Aldi. Such a lifesaver

Cut up your chicken add it in and there you have it , a speedy curry.

I served mine with 1/3 speed and some egg fried rice


Sarah x 

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