Slimming Worlds Pregnancy Plan 

So for those following me from the start you will know my story & would of followed me on my pregnancy journey , for those who are relatively new to following me here is a post that may help you decide on following the pregnancy plan …….now , in the future or whenever.

When I started Slimming world in October 2015 , to be honest I thought the whole place were going off their game. How in God’s name can you eat what you want and lose weight!!!! After being sick of living a life of Broccoli , Chicken & Rice cakes 6am gym sessions, I was left with no choice other than to drag myself into a group nearby. I dragged Tina with me (My mom ) before I go on , I was down 4/4.5 stone before I joined and the reasoning for joining was also it started to creep back on.

8 weeks in , 26 pounds down ….. I was converted over. For the first time in all my life I was actually learning about food , learning how to not only live healthier but the why’s behind the food choices. Previously I would just have something because “Its good for me” now I actually knew why it was good for me and why I should have it. I knew the benefits as I learned week in week out in group about all the foods.

2 & a half months into my Slimming world Journey , January 2016 I got the biggest shock of my life….. I WAS PREGNANT.

The panick set in straight away , I was going to gain back all my weight , I would never get to target, I had just found my feet with Slimming World then this happens. Don’t get me wrong I was over the moon being pregnant (After the initial shock wore off) but I worked so hard to get to this stage . 6 stone down

Once I had my scan done at 9 weeks (they scanned me early) I was able to tell my consultant I was pregnant but I told her I was still going to follow the plan . When I spoke about it to people, being on plan while pregnant no one could understand why I would do that.

You had all the comments like

“Your only pregnant for 9 months enjoy it ”

“Your eating for two”

“Ah sure worry about it after the baby”

“Its only all baby weight, You will bounce back to yourself”

“Your to strict altogether it’s an obsession”

“Wouldn’t you just enjoy being pregnant and worry about the weight later on”

I didn’t care what they said because I was the only one who could control this. I thank Slimming World a million times over because without them I don’t think my pregnancy gain would of been as little as it was only for the plan.

Lorraine my consultant informed me she would give me all the pregnancy plan details at the next group. Firstly I couldn’t believe they had a plan tailored for pregnancy and Secondly Lorraine reassured me that this was going to help me keep my gain as little as possible.

It wasn’t about losing weight for the next 9 months it was about controlling the gain and being healthy.

I think when your pregnant you do forget how important it is to have a healthy diet , yes I know pregnancy cravings etc can take over but for me knowing I was being on plan , giving my body the nutrients it needed then I knew the baby would be getting all it needed from me.

The pregnancy plan does allow us more as a Slimming World Member

2 Healthy Extra A’s

2 Healthy Extra B’s

1/3 Speed on the plate where possible

5-15 syns a day

I’l keep this short and sweet, I weighed in most weeks if not every week it was every second week, I had people puzzled to why I would weigh in knowing id gain . I had alot of sickness in my pregnancy which people said that will pass soon …. they lied – 7 months later it eased off (I was convinced I was having a girl) so the first 3 months I actually lost weight from being sick.

From my book here are how the trimesters went:

1st Trimester – Down 9.5 pounds

2nd Trimester – Up 17.5 pounds

3rd Trimester – Up 19.5 pounds

Total gain 41 weeks 5 days pregnant –

28 pounds (2 stone)

I had Luke , My Slimming world Baby on the 24th September 2016 @ 2.45am weighing 8 pounds 6 ounces , entering the world not how I planned but how life had planned – an emergency c section.

My Slimming world Baby ?
Our first Selfie

Let’s be real here now , after the baby you automatically feel like a size 6 in the shower for the first time with no bump!! But I was determined to get back to where I was weight wise pre-pregnancy. I had planned to go back to group as soon as , the c section wore me out though. It took alot out of my body. I wasn’t ready.

I came home , enjoyed my baby boy and 6 weeks to the day he was born I knew I was ready to go back. 8th of November 2016 I headed back to Slimming World and I was 16 pounds down!!!

I felt amazing in myself and I was able to settle into life on plan straight away.

11 months later since I went back after Luke and I’m down just under 4 stone , by doing nothing other than Following the Extra Easy Plan & its 3 easy steps.

For me , It was an experience I’m glad I done because it made my journey easier.

Don’t get me wrong there was weeks I just didn’t want to weigh and I didn’t, Lorraine was totally understanding.

There was days I didn’t follow the plan but 5/6 days out of 7 I did and the days I didn’t, I wouldn’t allow them control the week. I made the best decisions I could.

Those who criticised me for following a plan while pregnant are now the ones admiring me for it. After my baby I was able to achieve my target quicker because I wasn’t starting over again I was just pulling the reigns in and following plan 100%

Yes enjoy your pregnancy but as always the only person who can control the weight gain is you.

Of course you will have different types of pregnancy. No 2 pregnancies are ever the same but for me personally I knew I wanted to limit the gain and it’s exactly what I done.

I know there are people out there who have a ridiculous amount of fluid retention bloating them out while pregnant but at least you know with that when baby comes it will go.

So if you are a Slimming world member or you were thinking of being one but found out your expecting then I say Get to group, carry on following the pregnancy plan , make weigh in , don’t listen to anyone who tells you your off your game because believe you me it will stand to you when baby comes.

My progress after Luke x

Sarah x


Elaine hogan
3rd October 2017 at 1:24 pm

Loved reading that, had our little girl 4 weeks ago. I lost 27.5lbs before I became pregnant and in the 39 weeks carrying her I only gained 2lbs???. I went back to group last week when she was 3 weeks old and lost 13lb. Can’t believe it, SW rocks, I’ve another 3/4 stone to loose but il get there and I’m hoping to have my 4 stone award for Christmas. Love watching yours and Luke’s snaps every day, keep it up Sarah your amazing ?

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