Syn Free Shepherds Pie 

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Syn free Shepherds Pie


The cold , rainy days are approaching, those days where you want nothing other than a “proper” mammys dinner.

Slimmers dont worry we won’t be deprived ??

Behold the Slimmers Shepherds Pie 

What you will need: 

(Served 3)

2 beef stock cubes – Free 

6 Oxo cubes – Free 

2 packs of Extra lean less than 5% fat mince – Free 

1 onion – Free 

6 large potatoes – Free 

Fry light – Free

How to make : 

Peel & Steam your potatoes!

Preheat your pan on a low heat sprayed in fry light  ( saves it burning )

Dice your onion and throw it on the pan , fry until golden 

Add in your mince meat cook until Brown 

Add in your 2 beef stock cubes over the mince 

I a cup of water to the pan after I added the stock.

Sprinkle your oxos over the mince. 

Keep mixing it up so it turns into a gravy , I like mine thick so I left it on a low heat for a bit. 

Once ready pop into your dish and layer the top with your potatoes. 

Pop into the preheated oven for 30 mins until crisp and brown!

I never mine with a stir fry of speedy veg (onions , mushrooms & spinach) mixed with an Oxo topped with my Hexa 40g Mozarella 


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