King Creole – Sarah’s Slimmers Style 

King Creole – Sarah’s Slimmers Style 

So as most of you will know from my

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I am a fakeaway lover!

This week I would of devoured a King Creole from KCS in Douglas Cork , however being on plan I had to use my imagination a bit and recreate a Slimmers Version

Sarah’s Slimmers King Creole

I hope you enjoy it! Tag the page or send me a snap when you try it!!

What You will need :

BFree Stone Baked Pitta – HexB

2 Small Chicken Breasts – Free

2 tbsp of Lighter than Lighy mayo (30g) – 1 syn

Fry light – Free

40g grated Mozarella – HeXa

2 medium potatoes cut into chips – Free

Seasonings :

(to your liking)

Hot Chilli Powder

Steak seasoning

Piri piri


Sweet paprika

Garlic salt

Chilli flakes

All seasonings are free.

How to make :

Pop your chips in the actifryer for 35-40 mins – spraying with Fry light every 10 -15 mins.

While they are cooking, Cut your chicken into little chunks and fry them off in fry light

Once cooked place your seasonings over the chicken on a low heat. I add about half to a full tbsp of each seasoning again its to suit your liking.

Toast your pitta for a few seconds when your chips are ready.

Then cut it open

Add 10g of lighter than light mayo first

Some of your weighed & measured mozarella

Then a few chips

Layer of chicken

10g of mayo

Rest of mozarella


Layer of chicken!!

Serve with a Side salad for your 1/3 speed and the remainder of the chips with 10g of your lighter than light mayo at the side.

Mouth Watering Stuff

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