The week of an unexpected gain……

So as most of ye know from my Snapchat: fatnflabfitnfab on Saturday I weighed in with a gain of 2.5pounds. I wanted to write this for all those who have been where I was , for all those who have felt the disappointment.

Now lets be real about it , I cant hide much of what I eat , mainly because Im to honest. If I ate the lamb of god and all his apostles id tell all of my followers because I spent long enough hiding what I ate and where did it get me??? Overweight, unhappy and eating myself into an early grave. So I am very thankful for my 12k+ followers, they helped me get where I am today.

So here I am ,  7am on a gorgeous Saturday morning heading to my Slimming World Group in Glanmire (Cork) with one of the most amazing Consultants ever , Lorraine. I needed 1/2 a pound down to claim my 3 stone award from Slimming World and 2 pound to accomplish a 7 stone loss.

The whole car journey down I kept saying to Tina (my mom) im definitely not down… I just knew it , dont we just know (we like to think we do anyway) … but I didnt think for a second I was up and if it was to be a gain 2.5pounds was a bit extreme!!! Just saying. Give a girl a break.

Anyway I better inform ye now that the Friday morning before I weighed in I got a period after a 44 day cycle this time (all over the place since I had Luke) but I dont believe in the whole “starweek = weight gain” You can show me every statistic there is I wont be persuaded. Ok I get that we can hold onto fluid , however how many of us completely write off star week? Its like a seed is implanted into our brains , you have your period you wont lose weight go in to the kitchen eat what you want… its ok its star week …… sound familiar?

Thought so…. and thats perfectly ok if you make the choice to eat everything you crave , its having the willpower to go back to normal is what proves difficult and I suppose being aware you chose to eat those foods is a huge thing,  accept the gain draw a line move on…..  then im high fiving you for your awareness… or similar again if you can genuinely say hand on heart I did follow plan 100% and had a gain ,  I understand it im living it right now…. its the whole being indenial that you were on plan but it was star week caused the gain not what you ate that drives me insane.  I suppose in my situation I could hand on my heart say I didnt eat anything to deserve the gain so maybe it is fluid but regardless I was up!

So back to the story… I was first to be weighed…. well when the gorgeous Lisa said up 2.5pounds …. I nearly fell off the scales… at the same time I could of picked the scales up and flung it out the window.

I was disgusted. Genuinely disgusted. Then of course you have those saying I was terrible all week and I lost 2 , 3 , 4 or maintained im thrilled , delighted and so they should be but in that moment I could of thrown them out the window with the scales.

I was so cross & upset. I was disgusted. In that moment I was no longer a Consultant & Member. I was just the member. I felt so disheartened. I could now for once understand how everyone else might feel when it happens. When I was on the way home I kept thinking …. what would someone else think after they got that result , geuinely after not being off plan , gaining 2.5pounds how would they feel what would they think…..

The plan doesnt work – Sure how could it work? Up 2.5 pounds and Im 100% all week. Not a chance . Wont be going back there now ever again. Then pull into the next garage with a deli get a breakfast roll (we have all been there)

No one will believe I was on planyou get into the car and ring the husband or whoever to tell them this weeks weigh in. They laugh and say ah sure that’s wrong you couldn’t be up 2.5lbs . You then feel your a bit of a joke. Being on plan all week , proud as punch , showing off the food , everyone’s thrilled for you then when you tell them the result they think your after being eating on the side all week. They dont need to tell you they think that you just know they are.

What do you do? What did I do?

You dont go back. You google every possible thing in your mind trying to figure it out , all whilst eating your weight and more in food. You are annoyed and tell every second person whats happened (I did anyway) , then there will be someone who will tell you about this AMAZING detox tea or shake or diet and you contemplate trying it. But you know that these dont work your just frustrated right now.

Me .. did I do the above… Nope.

What did I do?

I came home had my 2 boiled eggs with my be good bread & cup of tea. I went to town I went for lunch ate a high syn meal by choice and then I drew my line. I moved on from my 2.5pound gain.

I made a plan.. wha did I want. How would I get it.

Well I want my awards and I wanted the losses to claim the awards. So I got back to normal because it isnt a diet it genuinely is a lifestyle change and now I’m just going about my week as per normal . Im not hoping for a loss this week im working for a loss im getting my loss.

Maybe your week hasn’t gone how you wanted it to, no ones week can always be what they wanted.

But by making a choice to not let the number effect you …. not fearing the number not allowing the fear of the number stop you going to group…. because afterall that’s all it is. A number . I know you want the losses but sometimes our bodies are in charge and we have to just take the good with the bad.

Don’t ever give up over a week that didnt go to plan because If I had given up every time it happened I wouldn’t be where I am now….

6 stone 9.5 pounds down

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