So for those who know me from around home , ye will all be used to our Local Shopping Center- Blackpool.

    For those further away ye wont! But if you ever visit Cork then make sure to pop in! 

    When I got the opportunity to become The Slimming World Consultant for Blackpool , every Tuesday 5.30pm & 7.30pm , The Commons Inn, I thought to myself how would I get out there to get in touch with the community. Let them know where I am and to inform them of the fantastic way of life through Slimming World .

    To be honest I didnt have to think to long! The Local shopping center was ideal. I didnt have the first clue of what I would do but I knew I wanted to get involved with the community. Let them all know how amazing Slimming World is.

    After weeks of calls and emails back & forth I had been given the go ahead by the Center Manager John Hartnett (one of the nicest men you will ever meet) to come into the center on a weekly basis. Make it a community event! Just showed me how passionate he is about the locals, to want them to know whats available to them week in week out. It was a chance for me to help make our community healthier! Everyone knows thats all I have ever wanted to do. Help others reach their dream weight while not feeling deprived or guilty.

    On my first visit I didnt know what to expect I was panicking the whole way down, however let me tell you all how much we take our local shopping center for granted. I spoke on my Snapchat: fatnflab2fitnfab that day , about how we would never appreciate what we are used to. Il explain , have you ever gone away for a weekend and you go to that local shopping center , your besotted , the place is amazing? I definitely do it everytime. Yet the locals would say “era its grand” – yeah? Well isnt that all of us?

    After spending 3.5 hours one Thursday morning in the center , my eyes were opened. Literally 5 minutes from my front door was a center full of life , an atmosphere , friendliness , hussle & bussle , old & young! Every second person knew each other. The chit chat ,the banter!! It would change your humour immediately.

    I set myself up with the help of the lads below. Situated myself outside Dunnes nearby Meteor , Shoe Zone & Vero Moda. 

    On the day I had put together a low syn / free food basket for everyone to get a ticket to be entered in with a chance to win it for free!!! This showed people how Slimming World was normal everyday food we all use. I must of spoke to over 300 people, like imagine that many people passing through the center on a Thursday morning, those were just the ones I got to speak to. I was surprised at how many didnt know about Slimming World. I suppose being a member over a year and a half , I cant believe how simple our Food Optimizing Plan is and that so many are unaware of the fact the easiest thing they will ever need to do to lose weight or to just be healthy is there for them every week locally!!

    For a member , the center has everything you need , for those looking to live healthier , for those living life the Slimming World way , for those wanting that lifestyle change.
    Yes , I am the Blackpool Slimming World Consultant but also I am a member of Slimming World!! 

    Remember I know how it feels to make the decision to become healthier and It isnt an easy one. I know the struggles you will face , I know how you have probably tried everything and wont believe me when I say how simple Slimming World is.

    So as a Slimming World Member , What is it Blackpool Shopping Center has to offer me? 

    Let me get started. 

    •  Dunnes stores – I jump between most grocery stores. But Dunnes is a favourite. Everything from your free food pages will be here , a range of Hexb & Hexa options plenty of syn choices to (Check out my shopping basket haul blog post)
    • A Range of Coffee shops – from Costa to StarBucks , Insomnia to O’Briens – for when you just need that Americano to get you through the day!!
    • Dunmar cafeSlimmers option – Nothing excites me more when your able to go out for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner and they have a SLIMMERS MENU. Although you can’t accurately syn it without nutrional value , its a lovely feeling to just eat out and know your choosing the healthiest option you possibly can to protect your weightloss. A huge thing for me as a member. Its fantastic.
    • Butchers Block – everyone who follows me knows I use the butchers up the road from home. After being to the center it was brilliant to see the Butchers Block now have a fantastic range of meats for us all into our Health & Fitness to use while being on plan. Your chicken breasts , less than 5% fat mince !! Both Dunnes & Butchers Block stock mayflower curry, a favourite for me as a member of Slimming World.
    • Sam MccaulysI personally love green tea and Im forever asked where do I get the one I drink. Look no further!!! Sam Mccaulys stock “Naturespharm Green Tea” I always drink mine cold. I place 1 tsp of it into my 1ltr bottle of water , shake it up and sip away all day.
    • Jump juice barWe all know im a smoothie lover in the summer. And id spend my syns on one anyday!! Again so important as a member to calculate your syns through your app or online using the nutritional information. Even though Fruit is Free it has to be whole. The minute you blend it , cook it or juice it , its no longer free.

    • Euro giant- Right so this is my go to place for my measuring spoons!!! Laugh at me now but they are a lifesaver. Guessing, estimating or may effect your weigh losses! So do yourself a favour , take my advice member to member , invest in some measuring spoons for €1.50!! 

    • Holland & Barrett – I am always asked about the Choc Shot I use & where I get it. Well you will also find this in the Shopping Center. Another great reason to pop in! 

    So next time instead of taking our Local Center for granted pop down and be apart of the community!!

    Maybe we forget but the center has all you need for day to day life and its time we appreciate it!!!

    You will find me Sarah Burke – Slimming World Consultant & Member every Thursday at Blackpool Shopping Center from 10am-1pm. If you have any questions or querys contact me on : 0879591866 or pop in to see me.

    My Group is on


    New & Old members are always welcome.

    Below is a summary of shops available to you at Blackpool. Be sure to call in.


    Sarah x


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