Taco Fries

So if using your 45g Reduced fat Cheddar & Mozzarella as a HexA these are 4.5syns a portion !!!!

They are absolutely divine

What you will need:

Extra lean mince less than 5% fat – free

Tin of chopped tomatoes – free & speed

Tin of Kidney Beans – free & protein

An onion – free & speed

Seasonings: garlic salt , chilli flakes , chilli powder , cajun powder , paprika , cayenne powder – free

Tomatoe puree – free

2 medium potatoes – free

Chip seasoning – free

45g Reduced Cheddar & Mozzarella – HexA or 6syns

Fry light – free

Jalapeños – free

15g Taco Mayo (I used Abra Brand) – 4.5 syns

How to make:

In a heated pan sprayed in fry light , fry your diced onions until golden.

Add in your extra lean mince

Cook until brown

Add in your tin of chopped tomatoes and some tomatoe puree

Leave to simmer for a few minutes

Add in some paprika , cajun , chilli powder , chilli flakes & garlic salt , to your liking!

Drain your kidney beans and add them in.

Leave to simmer for 5 minutes on a medium heat.

While this is simmering , peel your potatoes & cut them into circular crisp like chips.

Pop them in the air fryer sprayed in fry light for 30 mins! Every 6 or 7 mins spray them. Once cooked season lightly with chip seasoning.

Weigh out your Cheese & put a bed of spinach on your plate ( I used a bag)

Add chilli flakes if you like I did.

Once your chips are done, place your mince on top of your spinach , top with Jalapeños , taco sauce and cheese , place under the grill , serve as seen in photo.

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