Buffalo Chicken Bites

So if you like an insane hot sauce you will LOVE this dish!! I kinda had to wing it a little as I do normally , I rarely look for recipes online. That’s just how I am! What you will need: 4 […]

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Chilli Con Carne

This can be a great dish to make if you work long hours or need quick and easy grab from the fridge meals. It can be used for a lots of meals!! Nachos & Taco Fries. Once you have your Chilli beef […]

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Overnight Oats- 1/2 HexB 1/2 HexA 

What you will need:  85ml whole milk – 1/2 HexA (if you don’t want to use your half of HexA then using a muller light vanilla with choc sprinkles is just as Nice and free to) 20g Porridge oats – 1/2 Hexb […]

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Breaded Chicken with Speedy veg & Curry Sauce 

3.5 syns! What you will need : 4 chicken breasts  2 slices be good bread  2 eggs Chilli flakes Chilli powder Garlic salt Black pepper Fry light  So Preheat your oven at 150°c for 10 minutes before cooking. Place tinfoil on tray […]

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Your guide to being 100% on plan everyday not just Monday – Friday 

Hey Guys , So nothing drives me more mental than people who join a gym or slimming club and have the completely wrong attitude which in the long run causes them to consistently fail. You need to be open minded. Don’t join […]

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