Sarah’s Smokey Bacon Chicken Baguette Slimmers Style!

What you will need : 

Pure Bred Gluten Free Roll – HexB or 4 syns (available at Dunnes & tesco)

Chicken Breast 

Bacon Medallions (3)

1 onion 


Lighter than light mayo – 2 tbsp (1 syn)

Garlic salt 

Fry light 

Mozzarella 40g (HexA)

Srirachi Hot sauce – 1tbsp (0.5syn) 

Your how to:

Preheat oven to 180°c

Boil your chicken breast or fry in Fry light whichever you prefer 

When it’s cooked slice it.

Get out your weighing scales

Weigh your 40g of Mozzarella

In a pan sprayed with fry light throw in your chopped medallions , onions.

Let them fry away for a few minutes.

Cover your tray in tinfoil. 
Place your roll cut and opened. 

Add 2 tablespoons (level tbsp) of lighter than light mayo sprinkle it with garlic salt

Add your (level) tbsp of Srirachi Sauce

Add your sliced chicken

Then your onions & medallions

Top with Jalapeños

Then put on your 40g of Mozerella & pop under grill for about 5 mins.

Served with a speedy salad of leaves , red onion and tomatoes some fat free vingerette.

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1.5 syns if using your HexA & HexB

Or else 11.5 syns.

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