Chicken Egg Fried Rice

What you will need:

1 medium chicken breast – Protein & Free

1/2 bag of Uncle Ben’s boil in a Bag Wholegrain rice – Free

Punnet of Mushrooms- Speed

1.5 onions – Speed

Frozen peas – Free

Fry light  – Free

Chilli flakes- Free

28g Mayflower Curry powder – 4 syns

1 egg – Protein & Free

How to 

Boil your chicken breast ( I always boil one or two a day so handy to have in fridge for quick and easy dishes such as this )

In the meantime boil your bag of rice

In wok sprayed in Fry light – add your Mushrooms & Onions 

When Cooked add in your Frozen Peas

Stir it all up for about 5 minutes 

Weigh out your curry powder and place into a small saucepan I don’t have an exact measurement of water I usually add what I like leave it thicken add a small bit more. Depends on how you like your curry.

211g (28g powder 183g for bowl)

Dice up your chicken Into little chunks and add it to your wok of veg.

Add in an egg. 

With your fork stir it all around and blend the egg in with Veg & Chicken.

Add In 1/2 your bag of rice and mix it all around.


Speedy Chicken Egg Fried Rice for 4 syns!!! Topped with chilli flakes.

Share this recipe if you try it and like it. 



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