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You would know I’m going to start doing weekly shop blog posts so that meals im making if you want to make you will have the bits.

Some things I had in already so I didn’t have to buy. 


Mushrooms, Rocket ,Plum Tomatoes , Lettuce , Plums , Mandarins , Spinach , Apples , Jalapenos , Strawberries.

Other speed foods I already had such as Carrots & Onions  


Spaghetti Hoops , Mallons sausages , Yogarts , Dried Pasta , Dried Rice , Seasonings , Sweetcorn , Fry light , Fat Free vinaigrette , Blueberries , Grapes.

I also got loads of muller lights and im trying the new ones also. All free 


Be free wraps 1 is HexB 

2 Be good bread wholegrain is HexB 

1 Brown ciabatta is HexB 

2 seeded Brennans brown bread HexB 

What I had in: Fitzgerald slim Bagels 1 is HexB , The pantry brown bread mix 60g made up is HexB , Be free pittas 1 is HexB, 40g oats HexB 

HexA’s I got this week : 

350ml skimmed milk is HexA 

110g Philidelphia Lightest is HexA 

70g Philidelphia light Garlic & Herb is HexA 

50g Mozzarella is HexA ( I prefer lidl mozerella )

Syn’d Foods I got this week

Lighter than light mayo 1 tbsp is 0.5syns

Franks hot buffalo sauce 3 tbsp is 0.5syns

1 tsp of Flora light is 0.5 syns 

Digestive thins 1.5 syns 

Rice cakes covered in yoghurt 3.5syns 

Meat I got this week

For the first time ever I went to O Crualaoi Butchers Wilton Cork.

They have amazing deals.

With all nutritional information on them which is great when ur checking for ur 5% less fat.

I picked up 

Steak Burgers

Turkey Burgers

I must check the above on calculator still so not sure if they are free or not yet. 

Chicken Fillets Free 

Low fat sausages (0.5 syns per sausage I made it out on calculator) they are a change from the Mallons free sausages.

Less than 5% fat mince Free
Things I haven’t picked up that I’d have to have in. 

  • Bacon medallions Free & Protein
  • Eggs Free & Protein
  • Chilli flakes Free 
  • Walkers baked multi pack 5 syns a pack 
  • Kelkin 100 cal popcorn 5 syns 
  • Fibre one brownies 5 syns 

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    Sar xx 



    1. Juliette casey Reply

      Your an inspiration Sarah, only starting myself, this helps so much xx

    2. Hey Sarah, great job ! U look amazing! Where do u get the frankies hot sauce please? Want to try your buffalo chicken!!?
      Keep it up!

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