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Hey Everyone,

So this week has thought me some serious lessons about being a Mom and even more so on how being a Mom can cause you to not look after yourself health wise.

How tough it can be when your baby doesn’t sleep- Luke (my 16 week old son) slept for 12/13 hours a night since he was 3 weeks old , lucky me I know. But the last 2 nights he did not sleep as smooth. 2 nights only. I know im not complaining just stating. And I found it so so hard to function . One morning he woke at 3am and I was up with him. There was no going back to sleep. For the first time ever I did a 4am feed. I didnt even do that when he was born it was always 6am. I completely took my sleep for granted. Hats off to the mommy who has a baby , toddler or child who just does not sleep through the night. Do you know how amazing you are? Do you realise how much credit you deserve?

Thankfully In this house we are back to normal although he’s not settling until 11pm.

Ontop of this glorious experience ….. my little cutie is teething. Now since about 7/8 weeks he was mad chewing on everything but now both fists are trying to be made fit in his mouth and during the day if he’s really aggrivated , yet hes settling in my arms the last thing I want to do is get up and clean , plus he will probably wake if I move ( More Often Than Not Hes In His Cot For A Nap ) . But even if your that mom who has to hold her baby asleep during the day your not lazy nor are you just sitting around watching jeremey kyle all day , there isn’t a problem with doing this , sometimes maybe it isn’t as easy as others think to just put them to sleep. Your looking after your baby. Your still working hard. They don’t stay small forever.

This week is when I thought about the times before I had Luke although I couldn’t imagine my life without the chubster…. but just thinking back to before I was mom….is when being mommy in my eyes was this plain sailing easy to do sit at home play all day clean around happy ever after job.

Let me tell you – Its not!


But Sometimes it’s tiring , especially when they are more active. You need to be an entertainer & mommy all in one. You don’t sit around and play all day , nope when your baby is sleeping and your not holding him or her , your trying to get washing done and then sort bottles, sort a dinner. May not sound any bit hard to those who aren’t mommys but try it….  no sleep , running around sorting it all plus trying to look after yourself. It’s hard. And I’ve only one. Or even those who have full time work or part time work even on top of it.

I have the utmost respect for all of you no matter what your situation is. Being Mom can be hard.

For me I felt wrecked and out of sorts. Someone is probably reading this saying 2 nights and shes complaining but im really not I just want to show my appreciation for those who have no choice in it.

I have mommy’s onto me all the time. How do I do it? How did I lose my baby weight of 2 stone in 15 weeks. How do I manage my food whilst being mommy. What’s the tips.

Some reality……

Before those 2 days I would of told you it’s so easy I’ve been doing it since Luke is 6 weeks.

I didnt know what a sleepless night was. And it’s all well and good a sleepless night because you just can’t sleep but when it’s because your up entertaining your baby that’s a different story.

I didn’t know what I wanted to eat when I was getting up and I kept just craving crap food. Obviously lack of sleep I just wanted a quick fix, a burst of energy. I went over my syns one day (17 syns to be exact instead of 15, 2 might not seem alot but it is to me)

So my advice to the mom who just hasn’t the time or energy.

Stop beating yourself up . Don’t dwell on it you will eventually find a routine that works for you.

I can totally see how you would fall of track or not even get on track.

But once a week , tell your husband , boyfriend , partner , grandparents even a babysitter! That you would be so grateful for an hours help to let you get organised  …. not around the house or to do the shopping but for you. Just for you.

Take the hour. Any day of week. Sit down. Write out where you will be or what you must do the week coming. Plan what your gonna eat each day. Decide ahead. You might think it won’t make a difference. It will. Because when your wrecked you will get up and say right today breakfast is such and such a thing,Your Less Likely to  for the easiest unhealthy option.

You deserve that time . Out of 7 days if you manage to be on plan 3 or 4. Then well done.

Better yet find a slimming world or even a gym what ever suits you. And go. Spend the hour there.

When I open my group I want to emphasis that this hour and a half of getting weighed , sitting in to group. Socialising with others. Listening to their tips and tricks. That’s what will help you. Staying to group is so important

All us mommy’s go through a sleepless night some more than others.

One thing I will say is don’t not eat because your tired or because you haven’t time. This is your time. When your baby naps and is in a buggy or whichever. You think il do washing or cleaning…. NO … NO my friend. You walk to the kitchen make a healthy dish and a cup of tea sit down. Catch up on your snapchat instagram or Facebook, even read a book , watch your soap from the night before (possibly even the week before if your a busy bee) . The cleaning can be done another time. Don’t feel guilty for having a peaceful lunch hour . That goes for everyone with kids.

For anyone reading who is a Mom. Well done. You are the best.

For those who are a dad being Mom. Well done. It must not be easy.

For those whose kids have a disability and require 5 times the work. Well done. Your appreciated more than you know.

For those grandparents or relatives who help us moms out. It’s appreciated and doesnt go unnoticed ,Thank you.

Just remember that you deserve you time.

After my self – pity two days I wasn’t long realising. My baby is so good and I have it so easy compared to others. That glimpse experience of what others may go through daily…. made me see how people can find being healthy a struggle…  made me want to helo those who do struggle being healthy and being mom , just made me want to say well done. When your overwhelmed by being Mom then do what I said take your hour out guilt free.

So If you can share this or even tell a friend. So you and they can see. We are all moms doing our best and we to deserve the hour a week to just be us. To sort ourselves and to know the week ahead no matter what your going to be on plan with life ,your kids yet most importantly yourself.

No one’s life is perfect , no one’s kids are perfect and life isn’t what you see in photos uploaded. No one uploads the tantrums , the tears , the tired mommy who is absolutely falling down but won’t give herself an hour. No one tells you how hard it can be.

So from now on realise , you do so much that your chosen time for you is time you deserve .




Sar x 

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