Taco Fajitas & Chicken Fajitas

So for those following my Snapchat : fatnflabfitnfab ul know how devine these were I devoured them.

I coudnt decide on a meat so I made both.

These dishes are syn free!!!

I used 4 syns for 2 mini Taco tortillas to serve it in.

 What you will need:

Chicken fajitas 

4 chicken Breasts




Sarah’s Spice Mix –  made using a tablespoon of each chicken , Jamaican Jerk, Cajun , Paprika , Garlic salt , Black pepper , Hot chilli powder & Chilli flakes 

Fry lite 

How to make :

Chop up your Onions , Peppers & Mushrooms. 

Slice your chicken Into strips.

In your wok , spray plenty of Fry Lite and throw all your veggies and chicken Into it 

Leave it cook away until chicken is fully cooked! 

When done add in Sarah’s Spice Mix 

And Boom! Quick and Easy Chicken fajitas. 

Taco Mince :

5% less fat extra lean beef mince 


1 tin kidney beans 

1 tin of Chopped Tomatoes with herbs 

Tomatoe puree

Chilli powder 

Chilli flakes 

Garlic salt


Fry lite

How to make:

Spray pan with loads of Fry Light.

Dice your onion and fry until golden.

Add in your lean mince.

Cook until brown.

Add in Tinned Tomatoes

Stir until blended.

Add in 1 level tbsp of tomato puree

Leave to simmer.

Add in a drained can of kidney beans 

Leave on a high heat while stirring it allowing your kidney beans to thicken the sauce. 

Then place it on a low heat to simmer.

Add a jar of hot chilli powder, half a jar of chilli flakes and a full jar of jalapeños.

Stir around and leave to simmer for about 15 mins.

And Boom! 

A Hot Taco Mince!

A dish that can be used for many things.
I served both on two mini Taco tortillas for 4 syns!

Topped with 25g Mozzarella as 1/2 my HexA 

Served with a side of speedy Lettuce and Chilli flakes.
Let me know what ye think
Sar x 

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