Sarah’s Sundae

Hey Everyone ,

So I love Chocolate Orange and tonight I decided to just to throw a few things together and make a sundae.

What you will need :

1/2 Fibre one Brownie -2 syns 

1 Meringue Nest – 2.5 syns 

Muller light Vanilla with choc sprinkles- Free 

1 Mandarin – Speed 

1 teaspoon of Choc Shot Orange -0.5 syns 

Your How To:

Measure your 1 level tsp of Choc shot Orange and spill it into glass in circular motion save a little for the top 

Cut the center part of your meringue out

Crush half your meringue into end of the glass. 

Layer of yogurt

Crumble your Brownie for the next layer

Layer of yogurt 

Crush the other half of your meringue pour that in

Another layer of Yogurt 

Top with Segments of Mandarin

Place center of your meringue on top 

Pour the remainder of you Choc shot on top.
Sar x 


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