Chilli Meatballs & Pasta 

So after my Snapchat: fatnflabfitnfab on my Meatballs loads have asked for the recipe!

If only there was one. I made it up and threw it together!! The usual with me. I’d an image in my head , hoped for the best and thankfully it worked out exactly how I wanted it to.

Another Great Meal if you are working. Batch Cook & Freeze. Defrost as you go.

What you will need:

Less than 5% fat mince- Free

Tin of Chopped Tomatoes in herbs – Free 

Onion – Speed

Mushrooms – Speed 

Frank’s hot buffalo sauce – 6 tbsp 1 syn

Fresh chillies – Free 

Chilli flakes  -Free 

Chilli Powder -Free

Garlic salt -Free 

Steak seasoning -Free

Italian herbs -Free

Oregano -Free

Tomato puree -Free

Black Pepper -Free 

Dried pasta -Free

Mozerella – 25g 1/2 HexA 

Fry lite – Free

How to make-

Boil Your Pasta

Cut up your Mushrooms, Onion & Chillies- Fry in fry lite


Place your mince on a clean surface

Using your clean hands , flatten out the meat. Add your seasonings to your mince to your liking.

The seasonings for Meatballs are 

Roll them into small sized meat balls and cook in fry lite in a separate pan to your veggies.

The Sauce

In a saucepan empty your tin of Chopped Tomatoes with herbs!

Add in chilli flakes , chilli powder , Garlic salt and some tomato puree. Each to your own liking. I love spicy food so I used a full container of chilli flakes and half a container of chilli powder dash of garlic salt.

Stir it around.

Add in 6 tablespoons of Franks hot buffalo sauce (1 syn)

Keep stirring!!

I kept mine at a low heat the whole time my meal was cooking!

Weigh out your 25g Mozzarella

Add your meatballs to your sauce and serve as seen below!!


We had it between 3 so I count it as half a syn. Remember always round up when it comes to syns!!

Hope Ye Enjoy

Sar xx

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