Crumb Egg – Dads Dish 

Hey Guys

So growing up my Dad always made us Crumb Egg. I dont know if there is an actual name for it or if any one else even does it but it’s amazing!

Last night I decided I wanted it so substituted the ingredients making it Syn Free and Slimming World Friendly!

Have you ever gotten in from work , nothing in to make food. However ………… what have we all usually got??

Eggs & Bread!

What you will need: 

2 eggs (Free&Protein)

1 whole meal be good bread (1/2 HexB)

Fry lite (Free)

How to make :

Put your pan on 3 and spray it fully with fry lite 

In a cup , tear your bread up into pieces 

Add in your 2 eggs

Mix it all around until fully blended together 

Pour onto pan

Cook on both sides and throughout like an omelette 

Although it may not look great believe me it tastes amazing and soooo filling.

My dad won’t eat mine as it’s not his way but it’s the exact same.


Let me know what ye think

Sarah x


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