Chilli Con Carne

This can be a great dish to make if you work long hours or need quick and easy grab from the fridge meals. It can be used for a lots of meals!! Nachos & Taco Fries. Once you have your Chilli beef mince made you can freeze it then defrost it and use as you go.


What you will need :

5% less fat beef mince – I normally get the extra Lean Mince in McCarthys Butchers or Lidl but used the one from Aldi today

An Onion

Chilli flakes

Chilli Powder

Garlic Salt


Tin of Chopped Tomatoes

Tomato Puree

Tin Of Kidney Beans

Boil in a Bag rice- if you use microwave rice beware it contains syns !!

Fry Lite

How to make:

  • Dice onions and spray frying pan with fry lite, cook until golden-ish!
  • Add in your mince , cook until brown
  • Add in Tin Tomatoes
  • Leave for about 5 minutes to simmer
  • Add in your Chilli flakes , Chilli powder & Garlic salt , paprika to your liking- I love chilli so I add heaps in I only ever put a dash of garlic salt!!
  • Stir it around and leave for 2 or 3 minutes
  • Add in your kidney beans – I drain part of the liquid in the tin first. When you add them in it will look horrible do not think its not turned out wrong just stir it round and round leave it on a high heat keep stirring then put it on a low heat. Repeat this for a few minutes. Leave it to simmer for 10 minutes.
  • Add in a tbsp of tomato puree
  • Stir it round and round and round and round!!! As Dory says “just keep stirring(swimming) keep keep stirring(swimming)

Serve with boiled rice and some speedy veggies!

Please Leave comment below to let me know what ye think

Sar x



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