Overnight Oats- 1/2 HexB 1/2 HexA 

What you will need: 

85ml whole milk – 1/2 HexA (if you don’t want to use your half of HexA then using a muller light vanilla with choc sprinkles is just as Nice and free to)

20g Porridge oats – 1/2 Hexb

Strawberries – Speed&Free

Grapes – Free

Blueberries – Free

Raspberries – Speed&Free

Sealable Jar

How to make:

1) Measure out your Milk and Oats. This is extremely important. Your protecting your own weightloss by doing so. 

2) Slice thinly your Strawberries ,slice in half Grapes ,Blueberries and Raspberries.

3) With your jar. Layer by Layer fill it. 

(I forgot to take a picture so I just drew a picture…Lol I know)

4) Pop them into the fridge overnight. They can be used the next day or two. When opening mix them about or sometimes I put them in a bowl and add Extra Speedy Fruits.


Sar x 

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