The Imperial Hotel Cork 

The Imperial Hotel Cork 


Hey Everyone

Hope ye all had an amazing Christmas and New Year. I dont normally blog about much outside weightloss but now I’m a Mommy I feel I want to share more experiences and happenings with you all

So for Christmas 2016 one of the lovely gifts my sister gave me was a complimentary night stay at THE IMPERIAL HOTEL CORK . At first I didn’t know when to go or would I go, would I bring Luke with me (my 14 week old baby boy). First time Mom and all that!

Imperial Hotel Cork

We rang up,  to see what we could do and spoke to the loveliest girl Simona! Who couldn’t be of more help. She accommodated us on every level and made booking so easy! Everything down to organizing a cot just encase we brought Luke to information on Breakfast , Dinner & Location of the hotel. It’s always nice to have someone at the end of the phone who is mannerly because of the person they are and not because it’s their job.

For those not from Cork THE IMPERIAL HOTEL is on the South Mall. This high end street is known for Lawyers, solicitors, insurance brokers and Businesses of Cork. It is right in the center of the city the shops are basically at your feet! It’s a few steps away from the hustle and bustle which is fantastic when you just want that relaxing break away.

We made our decision and went new years day. I was so happy we did as the Christmas feeling was throughout the hotel. When I walked in I felt I was Kevin McCalister in the Home Alone movie and was taken aback by the divine decor and hotel itself!

When we arrived the receptionist on duty was Lynda (if I’m wrong please correct me). She checked us in and gave me more information more than she even needed to. Which is just what you want when your going away for a night. With the Hotel being in the city center Parking is at a car park close by the hotel and not on the Premises. That can be annoying if the weather isn’t going how you would want it to but at the same time you just need to think if your staying in the center of the city , a stunning hotel which feels like your in New York then you got to just deal with it! New York hotels haven’t much Parking not the ones I’ve stayed in anyway!!

Our Room was on the 3rd floor and was absolutely stunning. Just what you need for a night away. Upon arrival  Prosecco , fruit and chocolate covered strawberries were in the room for me. It was a lovely touch for a blogger as small as myself. With it being my birthday to it made the stay extra special!

The hotel has an elegant Bar & a stunningly designed Restaurant called The Pembroke . I didnt get a chance to dine here as we had gone out for drinks (typical me) but I will be dining here next Sunday the 15th and I will be sure to let ye know what I think. We did have Breakfast here but I didn’t have a huge appetite

The one thing I ADORE about this hotel , THE SPA!

On this occasion I didn’t get to go to the spa. (First time mom syndrome rushing to get home to Luke)

However when I was 7 weeks pregnant I did go. I couldn’t have any treatments done as I was in early stages of pregnancy and there is a time frame to when you can and can’t get treatments while pregnant. So I opted for a pedicure.

Before going I remember being totally allergic because I was so looking forward to a full body massage just the hour of being on a bed totally relaxed and not in touch with the outside world…..switched off . Instead in my mind I was thinking IL be sitting on a chair getting a pedicure and have to make conversation with whoever is doing it. How wrong was I????

This was my very first experience of what I can only call the most relaxing pedicure I’ve ever had (I’ve been to America & Australia trust me on this)

When we arrived we filled in our form and got set up. We were brought to the changing room where a white fluffy warm bathrobe was waiting and slippers matching. We were brought to the vitality suite area which was warm calm and relaxing. Again all I did was lay back on the chair as I couldn’t use the hydro pool , steam room or Sauna! (Joy’s of pregnancy) so I just took the time to inhale the hot air and have time to think about what lies ahead.

My therapist called me shortly afterwards and she brought me to a treatment room. I was a bit confused … where was the relaxing chair you normally see when your getting a pedicure. So she sat me on a normal chair and put a large wooden dish in front of me. At first I thought is she winding me up. It was a lovely set up but I wouldn’t of sat there for an hour. As my thoughts ran away….as they do…. she informed me that once my feet were scrubbed and soaked , she would leave the room and I was to lay on the bed get comfortable with the covers over me and she would come back to start the treatment.

Slightly confused at this stage.

I was on a comfy bed, that gorgeous scent was in the room I was kept cozy and warm. She gave me a slight head massage before spraying a lavender scented spray covered my eyes and left me to relax while she sat at the end of the bed and made my toes all glam.

I actually fell asleep and woke to soft & smooth feet with rosy red , file and polished painted toe nails.

I have been to a good few spas in Cork. This is my number one favorite spa ever. It’s the most relaxing , calming environment you will ever experience. Some might say it was just a pedicure but when you need that relaxation and you don’t think your going to achieve it and you do…. total utter bliss!

Once my treatment was complete I was brought to the relaxation suite where I enjoyed some fresh fruit, a glass of Prosecco was also available but Obviously at 7 weeks pregnant I had to skip.

Below is an offer at the moment which I’m having on the 15th of Jan. We are going as our Woman’s Little Christmas. I would highly recommend this Hotel and Spa to you all. If its only to get away for a night to relax and unwind with the choice of going out then this would be my number one Cork City Center Hotel.

I hope you all find this blog post useful and if anyone wants to make a booking call 021-4274040.
Sar x

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