Breaded Chicken with Speedy veg & Curry Sauce 

Breaded Chicken with Speedy veg & Curry Sauce 

3.5 syns!

What you will need :

4 chicken breasts 

2 slices be good bread 

2 eggs

Chilli flakes

Chilli powder

Garlic salt

Black pepper

Fry light 

So Preheat your oven at 150°c for 10 minutes before cooking. Place tinfoil on tray and spray in fry lite.

1) Make your breadcurmbs using your 2 wholemeal be good bread (HexB or 5.5 syns) with a grater. I used this amount between 3 of us. My rule is always round up for syns. So it’s 2 syns for my breadcrumbs. Add in your spices listed above to your liking.

2) Beat 2 eggs in a bowl

3) Dip your chicken in the egg coat it fully

4) Roll in the breadcrumbs 

5) Place on your tray and pop in oven for 30-40 mins.

6) While that is cooking organise your speedy veg on the side.

7) Mayflower curry Sauce. I used 28g with 150ml/200ml cold water. This done 3 of us as it’s only at the side. I counted it as 1.5syns. Put in a pot and stir it. 

8) Serve and Enjoy????????
Sar xx

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