Your guide to being 100% on plan everyday not just Monday – Friday 

Hey Guys ,

So nothing drives me more mental than people who join a gym or slimming club and have the completely wrong attitude which in the long run causes them to consistently fail. You need to be open minded. Don’t join for a week to week result.

Have you ever heard someone say:

“It doesn’t work at all” 

“I don’t know why it’s not working”

 “I was good all week and lost nothing”

Well what I’ve learned from my years of living healthy is that every diet works , all gym plans work! Firstly you need to find what suits you. With any plan ,  what wont work is someone doing it 70%. If you want it you will do it.

Here is my guide on how to never fall off track or even how to prevent it–>

1) Decide if this is a quick fix or a life style change. Losing 7 pounds in 7 days is amazing but prepare to gain more in 7 days when you come off your quick fix. When you choose to live healthy and make the right choices you won’t fall off track. Don’t do a quick fix then come off it and complain it didn’t work I gained more back.The reason your gaining it is how you lost it isn’t sustainable you can’t live on shakes, pills or even a stripped back food plan of Chicken and Broccoli. You will only keep it up for so long.

2) Adapt your life to your healthy ways. Make it work. Make choices. Before you eat ask are yourself are you really hungry? Think ahead. It’s all about choices. If you choose to have a break out then that’s your choice accept you probably won’t be down. That’s ok to. Because you made the choice. Your aware of what your doing.

3) Plan– day to day life can be hard enough without the hassle of prepping food but even if you take 30 mins to quickly run through your week and note to yourself where you might slip then your aware of it. For instance if you have a night out then you know chances are your going to stumble into the nearest takeaway after it then before you go out have your breakfast sorted for the following day. Have your Healthy options in. I know we all love a fry up but you can easily have a healthy fry up using the right stuff. If you carry on the indulgence the next day your week is a write off.

4) Don’t do it half heartily. They key to being 100% is believing your worth it. Don’t waste your time starting if you have a part time attitude. Being healthy Monday – Friday is no good. Your only fooling yourself.

5) Join some sort of a club. Do not weigh yourself at home. It irritates me when I hear it. This is a huge cause of people never doing what they need to as they try do it themselves at home. You won’t stick to it as you don’t have at class to go to. The first 2 weeks you might but again it’s out of your own best interests you need to weigh in with someone. If you know you have to go and be weighed , that someone is keeping an eye on you chance are you won’t have a sneaky treat here and there. What you eat in private you wear in public.

6) Have the essentials in!

So whichever food plan or club you decide to join be sure to always have stuff stocked up to ensure when your starving you won’t just make the nearest thing to you because it saves you going to the shop.

7) Acceptance-

Accept life is hard , being a parent is hard , being and employee is hard! Beimg on plan 100% is hard. Obstacles will come your way. It’s how you face those obstacles define how successful you will be with your weightloss. Accepting that never giving up will get you a result.

Food list for slimming world that keeps me on plan

Fry lite

Bacon medallions

Be good bread




Slim Bagels


Flora light

Muller light


Skimmed milk

Philidelphia light

Tinned Tomatoes








Mug shots


Lighter than light mayo

Mallons sausages

B FREE wraps


Chicken Breasts

Less than 5% fat mince



Meringue nests

Choc shot

Chilli flakes

Garlic salt

Naturespharm Green Tea

Coke zero

Hifi Bars ( available at group )

Mayflower curry powder

I could make a good few easy breakfasts lunches and dinners with the above.

Once you start getting into the hang of it you will have a routine. Lunches or dinners that you make each week will become normal to you and you will know what you need to be on plan and you won’t think twice about it.

Remember the choice us yours .

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