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Hi Friends ????

So it’s the easiest option to write a blog post on my little boys Christening Day. I didnt really do anything spectacular I just wanted it to be about Luke. He’s not going to remember or care how much it cost for his Christening (not that it was in any way shape or form cheap) but what he will want to know is about where he was christened ,the ceremony, the priest , the church and of course who was there. How many of your kids ask you about what you bought for the christening or how much you spent? it’s just a thought for anyone due a baby you don’t have to go to extreme lengths financially. 

Simple always wins!

So on the 3rd of December 2016 at 10 weeks old we had our Boy Christened. We decided on having the baptismal mass at the Church of the Resurrection Farranree Cork. This is my local parish and it is an absolutely stunning church.

To be honest I didn’t care about anything else only the ceremony because I’m totally not into the partying part anymore (says the girl who had a great night of it) 

I don’t think anyone can explain how amazing it is to see your baby be baptised and im not religious by no means I say my few Hail Mary’s and Our Fathers  but I wouldn’t attend mass often. When you see them being baptised though it does make you think about start attending mass.
As I said at the start I went with simple for our afters and it was perfect.

We headed to the Commons Inn Cork for our afters in the bar area. Greg looked after us from day one and really made sure the day went smooth and well. We were in the left side of the bar and I do prefer the right hand side as it’s newly refurbished , classy and elegant but I didn’t mind really. If you are going to book it I would say request the right hand side- let Greg know your booking from my Page if you are.

We went with a finger food package that consisted of Chicken wings, chicken tenders , cocktail sausages , chips and a selection of sandwiches…the usual finger food. I didnt have an exact number so I ordered for 50 people. My honest opinion of it was the food wasn’t enough for what we ordered but I did voice this when we paid the bill and they looked after us which they didn’t have to as I think it may have all been put to the same tables and others got none so I was trying to sort that to make sure everyone got fed. The food itself was absolutely divine I could not fault the quality. Anyone even looking for lunch or dinner even then definitely go there the chicken wings are AMAZING! 

We also decided that upon arrival we would bring in our own prosecco , Which was displayed on a table as the guests arrived with kiddies party bags I put together , Lukes Christening cake , some cake pops my cousin made and the hotel also provided diluted orange made up in glasses for the kids. Such a lovely gesture. We only ended up using 5 bottles of prosecco from Lidl (€9 a bottle in or around that amount) and got 50+ glasses from it. They charge €10 corkage. We also wanted to call a drink for everyone so we got tokens from Greg and just ran a bar tab. So much easier and less stress. They had a house dj who started to play about 9.30pm but we had decided to go into town nearer the end of the night.

My rate on the service at the hotel is a 8/10. (-1 for the food mishap and -1 for being on the right hand side- totally my own fault as it was booked before I booked) 

The tables were all set up with little candles and Balloons that we had ordered. It looked stunning.

We got an amazing package for our balloons from Balloons Galore Cork.

I went with the gold package. They were absolutely gorgeous!!

The Cake-

I’ve been dealing with Liv since my nephew Charlie was born. He is 4 now! She is a talented lady who not only makes cakes that look amazing they taste absolutely out of this world. I don’t think a single person at the afters didn’t comment on the cakes. We had Lukes cake on display but I ordered 50 large cupcakes to go with it. Again im the most annoying person taking pictures but I was so busy I couldn’t. This is all I have of it but the quality of Livs cakes is second to none. 

I also ordered 50 party cakes from the gorgeous girls at Fitzpatricks.


We gave out the party cakes which consisted of Strawberry short cakes , pink and yellow pastries , mini pavalovas & choclate eclairs! They were the perfect size as they weren’t to small and not to big. Fresh as could be.

My Hair , Make up & Tan – of course no matter where I go on a night out I always love to have hair and make up done. I suppose with my 3 sisters being hairdressers and one of them being the owner of the salon it’s easy for me to go when I want.
I’m bias but let the pictures speak for themselves. 

Ciara did my upstyle and I cant fault her. She has been hairdressing 15 years and is talented & gifted with her hands. For those might think I have to say it as she’s my sister I don’t. We all know im as blunt as could be. Everyone loved my hair.

My make up & Tan were done by the gorgeous talented Julann at the Beauty Rooms Fusion Hair Design! Julann also does my brows as loads always ask me about them. She is definitely the Queen of Brows. Julann uses the Cocoa Brown 1 hour spray tan. This means once your tan is sprayed on you can shower after an hour and go about your normal routine. So handy when you have a small baby . There is nothing worse than waiting for it to dry and not being able to do anything over it. This spray tan is ideal and is just €20!!!

Cocoa brown 1 hour spray Tan.

Before make up……

After make up ….

I could not fault the girls as I always leave looking and feeling amazing.

The Dress – My phone just blew up with mails , snaps and notifications of people wanting my dress.

Its From Boohoo and was so comfortable. 

All in all we had a Fantastic Day and more importantly the little main man of the day was so good as per normal and he looked absolutely gorgeous. 

His gown was from a shop on castle st. I cant think of the name of it but it’s directly across from Boylesports Castle Street and it was handsome on him.

My nan knitted Lukes Christening Blanket, hat and Cardigan. 

I put a long sleve vest inside his gown with a white baby baby gro on him to. Boots do an amazing set of pure white hat , bib , vest etc. It’s like €15! Definitely worth buying as it has everything you need for the christening

Hope I’ve covered everything guys , thank you all for the lovely comments means so much.

 Lots of love  



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