Smokey Bacon Chicken Baguette – Sarah’s Style 

So as everyone knows I do LOVE food. 

One of my downfalls when I was an emotional eater at near 18 stone was a Donatellos Smokey Bacon Chicken Baguette!!! For anyone who hasn’t had one then when your in Cork someday have one because it’s so worth it, it’s worth all the syns!!

However until then here is my slimming world friendly version!

What you will need:

50g white baguette – I bought the medium roll in the shop. I took the bread inside the baguette, out of it and I cut off the top end to make it 50g and please to protect your weightloss weigh your food to make sure it’s correct. 6.5syns 

Chicken Breast– Free and protein

50g of Mozzarella– HexA or else 6 syns

Diced Onions and peppers– Speed

Fry lite – Free  

Sliced bacon medallions– Free and protein 

Lighter than light Mayo– 1 syn per tbsp (add garlic salt seasoning if  like)

Jalapeno relish – 1 syn a tsp (id of rathered hot chilli sauce but I couldn’t find it anywhere)

Chilli Flakes– Free 

How to make:

● Boil your chicken breast until cooked

● Fry your Diced Onions and peppers in fry lite 

● Measure out 50g of mozerella

● Weigh out your 50g bread roll – take out the bread on the inside and Cut the top end off.

● When your onions & peppers are cooked set them aside , pop your sliced bacon medallions into the pan and fry in Fry lite

● Place Your Chilli, Mayo and chilli flakes onto your baguette, add garlic salt seasoning if you like.

● Add your chicken breast (slice it) , onions and peppers , sliced bacon medallions , some more chilli flakes and top it with your mozerella. Place under the grill for a few minutes.
Absolutely gorgeous. I didnt put my mayo in the baguette I kept it at the side it’s preference really. 


Served with slimming world chips and a speedy side of lettuce and tomatoes- Free 

Also a drizzle of Frank’s hot sauce over my mayo 1/2 a syn! (Forgot to add that in) 

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