Salt and Chilli Chicken with Syn Free Chips 

Preheat your oven to 180°c 

Before you begin make sure to cut up your potatoes into chips. Par boil them and pop them on a lined tray with tinfoil and fry light Into oven as soon as because these take the longest to cook. If you want them crispy! About 40 mins.

What you will need: 

3 chicken fillets- Protein and Free 

70g of Brennans wholemeal be good bread – 6 syns (70g is a little bit more than 2 slices)

2 eggs- Protein and free 

Chilli flakes , Chilli powder,  Garlic salt & Black pepper- Free 

Fry lite- Free

Soy sauce- Free

Onion , Carrots , Mushrooms , Broccoli Speed & Free

Step 1:

Grate your 70g of be good bread

Add in chilli flakes , Garlic salt , black pepper and chilli powder.

There you have your breadcrumbs.

Step 2:

Beat up your 2 eggs in a bowl and Cut your chicken Into strips . Chop up your onions in chunks. Place the onions in a tray with fry light and chilli flakes.

Step 3:

Dip your chicken pieces into the egg and roll in your breadcrumbs!

Place them into your dish with the onion and chilli flakes. 

Takes about 30 mins to cook.

Step 4:

In a frying pan spray lots of fry light and cook your speedy veg I added some soya sauce and chilli flakes. I put everything bar the Broccoli into the pan. I boiled my Broccoli.

Step 5:

Serve it up! 

This done 4 of us. So I just gave 1.5 syns each for the breadcrumbs!! 

It was absolutely divine! Make sure you let me know what ye think

Sar x 

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