Sarah’s Pizza Wrap-5syns




Craving a takeaway?

Are you a pizza lover?

My favorite fakeaway is a pizza wrap.

5 syns or else 6 syns including your lighter than light mayo

What you will need:

5 syns
5 syns

1 weight watchers Love fibre wrap- 5 syns

Tomatoe Puree- Free

25g-50g Mozerella -1/2 or full HexA




Chilli flakes

Simple easy ingredients
Simple easy ingredients
Chicken and onion
Chicken and onion

Lighter than light mayo

How to:

Toast your wrap on one side under the grill

Once done place it on a plate

Spread your tomatoe puree on the wrap

Put on your toppings

Then your cheese

Sprinkle chilli flakes over it.

Put back under the grill for a few minutes

Ta-da a fakeaway pizza.

I had a teaspoon of lighter than light mayo on the side.

Sarah's Fakeaway Pizza
Sarah’s Fakeaway Pizza
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