Life after Losing weight- Body Confidence

admire someone else’s Beauty without questioning your own.

How true is the above?

Love yourself
Love yourself~ Be You

I’m guilty of always admiring others & criticizing myself, I don’t think I’m the only one.

How many times have you done it? How many times have you said “look at her figure, I’d love it”  Why do we put ourselves down?

If we all weren’t so unique the world would be a very boring place.

I’ll tell you a little story. I was a 22-24 when I decided to lose weight, I blamed all my life problems on my weight.

No matter what the problem was. My weight was the reason for it. In my head I thought if I could lose the weight I wouldn’t have any other problems. My weight was the biggest issue in my life. I always remember I said to everyone I would be happy to get to a 16. Eventually I got to a 16 and I wasn’t Happy. I wanted a 14. Now I’m between a 12-14 and I want to be out of 14’s(proving to be a struggle but I will get there). My point is we are never happy. It doesn’t stop believe me. We will always find a problem.

As I lost weight I actually feel I ended up with more issues. I now worry more than ever and work myself up into an emotional mess about things I wouldn’t of cared less about back in the day. My Anxiety Issues I didn’t have before. I could be on a night out and I could of spent hours getting ready but when I get out if I feel out of place I will want to go home and change….. You might think that’s exaggerated it’s not. I’m highly self conscious.

I don’t think anyone who has lost weight talks about the obstacles you have to overcome… Maybe they do? But I usually don’t. I try to be positive about it because it is a great achievement  . It’s only when you are after losing the weight you realise yourself, that you never faced your real problems in life, you just hid away eating your emotions ( well I did)

I wanted to do this post so I could remind myself that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I should practise what I preach. We need to remember there are people out there who want to be where you are now. I want to show people that accepting your body is the first thing all of us should do. Its the only one we get so look after it and love it.

I always say that this is a lifestyle change and not a quick fix. Losing weight shouldn’t control your life you should control your weight .

So again stepping out of my comfort zone…… here is my tummy last night. I have done a post on my stretch marks and loose skin before on my facebook so I said it was time to do a blog post on it.

A Close up picture of me lying on my side. I’m not as skinny as people think I am, in fact I’m not near skinny. I don’t ever want to be skinny I’m not the right build to ever be skinny. I will always be a curvy girl and I accept that. What build are you? Accept it.

My Body
My Body- over being so stretched I now have loose skin and stretch marks.

Can you see how my tummy the front part of the skin is saggy, it just falls whichever way I lie

Can you see my stretch marks? As if I’m after having a few babies ( I have none by the way ) I try to remind myself that these as signs of how far I have come. Signs of strength.

What you can’t see here is my Boobs. They are destroyed. I just have two bags of skin basically.

Imagine the hassle I have with the above trying to find the right clothes to fit my body. I’ve yet to get a personal shopper who would be able to find solutions to my problems getting clothes.

For those who have lost weight, for the moms out there who do have babies, be Proud. I know a lot of women who hide their bodies away in the summer, some wouldn’t dream of wearing a bikini. I’m that way myself sometimes. Ya no what though …..if we all took a step back and were not so critical of each other then maybe we wouldn’t be as conscious. If we all accepted that our bodies react different ways then we would be less worried on what others think. Next time you see someone who has stretch marks or is overweight maybe even underweight compliment them. No one knows what battles we all face. Boost each others confidence instead of making each other self conscious. What I have is probably what a lot of other women have not what is on the front of Magazines. We would all love to be air brushed all day and night but that’s not reality.

I’m sure those who are underweight suffer with their personal issues to. So we are all the same. We all have body issues. However when we just accept what we are we will appreciate our Bodies for what they are.

I used to be very embarrassed by it looking at others but that’s why I’m doing this post to remind myself to stop caring what others think. I need that every now and again

I could get a tummy tuck, a boob job…..but why should I? I’ve worked to get where I am. I shouldn’t have to do this and I never would, maybe a boob lift (haha) Society today paints a completely wrong image and expectation of a female body.

Don’t be fooled.

Love yourself always.



Now Vs Last year I think this shows the weight I have lost in the last year as you can see excess skin more in Pic one which is now
Now Vs Last year
I think this shows the weight I have lost in the last year as you can see excess skin more in Pic one which is now
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8 thoughts on “Life after Losing weight- Body Confidence

  1. Well said Sarah, we all have body confidence issues no matter what size we are.
    You have done so well and your so brave to chart your journey.
    We have all become conditioned that our bodies should resemble super models and celebrities that we see each day on magazines and social media.
    They, too have their own hang ups with their bodies, let’s hope!!!
    We have to stop beating ourselves up on where we are and start celebrating the journey we have come. You have done so well and continue to do so. Keep up the great work!

  2. It’s so true Sarah, i totally agree with your take on eating to hide our emotions. The love of my life my rock my heart and soul, my mother died 2 and a half years ago and I always had weight issues. I can honestly say i ate all my feelings in that time and have decided to do something about it. I love your honesty and very inspirational ????

  3. Love this Sarah. So typical of how us Women are overly harsh on ourselves and in some cases, overly critical of others. Wouldn’t it be a beautiful world if we focused less on the physical! But each of us can only control what we think and put out there ourselves, and I’m going to start practicing being nicer to myself and to other women! Share the love I say:-)

  4. Well said sarah .. I am on an knew life style chance with slimming world its been hard but u are inspiration to keep going i always scared if i lost weight i will have loose skin but to be honset after reading u page im not scared anymore as i know i have what i call them tiger stripes from my 5 kids

    Thank you
    And keep up the good work x

  5. Very honest blog Sarah,I can relate to all the above,I think if we don’t accept ourselves as we are we are always unhappy deep down.Emotional eating has been a huge problem for me,never feeling I was good enough & it’s really only n last 2 years (I’m 35) that I thought to myself,fuck this shit! I just seemed to realize,I’ve one life and I need to LIVE it & not regret doing things! Leaving my weight hold me back,making excuses! Now I do yoga,go swimming with the kids(used to feel so self conscious in swim suit),Zumba & take no shit of anyone,ha ha! I’m stronger,slimmer& happier.Your a strong,positive woman too & very beautiful inside& out x

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