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Hey Everyone,

So I am a huge Fan of Herbal teas, Green Teas, Detox Teas.

So when I read about everyone using Miss-Fit Skinny Tea, I had to try it.

Now I went and got it in Sam Macaulay’s for €19.99 and the infuser was €4.99.

Miss Fit Skinny Tea
Miss Fit Skinny Tea

I have been drinking it the past 10 days, excluding 1 day actually as I didn’t drink any. Anyway I fill up my infuser wit the tea leaves each morning and use the same tea leaves for 4 cups ( which is the recommended cups a day)

My verdict-

Taste is fine if you are a green tea drinker/herbal tea drinker you will be used to the taste. I did have a lot more energy after drinking it however I haven’t seen much weight loss from it. Again there is a tea for everyone , you just have to find a tea that suits you. My skin was a bit better to I did feel it cleared my skin. Just because it didn’t work for me it may work for you. I never wanted weight loss from it / I believe you work for weight loss. There is no easy way out.

Personally I wouldn’t depend on any drink, tablet, shake or tea for weight loss & I would highly recommend you don’t either. I would say drink it for your health.

Once my leaves are gone I will be going back to my good old reliable Natures Pharm Green Tea. This is my favourite. In the winter I have it warm in the summer I just pop some into a 1litre of volvic water shake it up and drink through out the day. If I want a twist I will pop a few lemons into it.

My absolute Favourite You can get this in Sam Macaulay's
My absolute Favourite
You can get this in Sam Macaulay’s

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