Sarah’s Chicken Special ~ Chicken & Homemade Stuffing, Wrapped In Smoked Medallions

So I went and made my own special chicken Dish tonight for tomorrows lunch.

It is 1/2 your HexB or else 3 syns, up to you.

It tastes Amazing!!! ( of course I would say that)

What you need

3 chicken Breasts

1 slim bagel




4 smoked Medallions

Chilli Flakes

Simple Ingredients
Simple Ingredients- I didn’t use the pepper in the end
Chicken & Smoked Madellions
Chicken & Smoked Medallions

How to make:

Pre-heat your oven

Grate your bagel into bread crumbs

Add in your Thyme, chilli flakes(to your liking) , jalapeños and onion.

Half one chicken Breast into two

Place 1 full chicken breast on tinfoil , on top your stuffing mix then place your 1/2 chicken breast over it. Then wrap two medallions vertically over it.

Wrap it up in the tinfoil tight , Place it into the oven & Let it cook for 40-50 minutes @ 150-175 degrees depending on your cooker.

Enjoy with speedy salad, syn free chips or maybe baked potatoes.

Sarah's Chicken Special
Sarah’s Chicken Special


17th January 2016 at 8:14 pm

Trying this for dinner tomorrow with baby potatoes looks yummy:)

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