5 Reasons to why we avoid the scales & fall off track and How to succeed in 2016!

Around 28% of people for 2016 want to shed excess pounds, for 21% of people improving their fitness levels is a priority.

In 2015 58% of people actually stuck to their word.

For every 10 that joins slimming world this month only 3 or 4 will commit.

Have a think about that for a second…… When you go to your group to join. Will you be in that 3 or 4 that commit? Or will you slack off and give up.

Here are my 5 top reasons to why we avoid the scales & fall off track and How to Succeed for 2016

  1. Fear of the number we see
I myself am guilty of this. So imagine its the night before your weigh in , your family & friends know you are watching what you eat, trying to lose weight. But behind closed doors through out the week you got hungry, you indulged in food your not meant to, maybe felt a bit bored or down & out , if like me when I started 3 years ago you automatically go for the cupboard. With a negative mindset that a few bars won’t hurt or show on the scales. If no one sees you eating it , you never did eat it . Its basically fooling yourself until that night before. When you think back you argue with yourself , panicking&evaluating how much effort you actually put in to get to target, ZERO. Or maybe if you are female you are due your period and can feel the bloat-ness and heaviness. Worrying that people may think you didn’t stick to it when in fact you did but you have no control over how your body is when your due your period. Pre-period weight can range from a 1/2-10 pound (me this week with a loss of 1/2 a pound)
My advice, what I want everyone to know & remember from this is . The scale…….that Number ….It doesn’t define you. It is only a number. If you have had the worst week food wise, get up, get dressed and go get weighed. By not going what are you gaining? Nothing only more weight. Your unaware of what you may of gained that week, you may of even stayed the same but you wont ever know unless you go . Your gonna say to yourself “oh sure Il start next Monday” ……Surprise Surprise …next weeks weigh in day comes around and your still in the same frame of mind. Sound familiar???
Don’t let the number on a scale let you not go to group or to wherever you weigh in. You will thank yourself for going. You have to take the good with the bad. It’s all well and good gloating about the 2,3,4 pounds you lost but running away hiding when you gain 2,3,4 not telling anyone. Embrace that its not a quick fix. Your human its life. Your in it for the long haul, being aware of your weight and food you that eat is an achievement. Just don’t let those scales control you.


2) Events , Parties , Holidays

So Just before Christmas how many of you said ” I’ll start after Christmas” , I  have loads of nights out so what would be the point? Yes?

I thought so.

How many have said “ sure I’ve Marys 30th, Martins 50th, Sues babies christening? Oh, Annie next doors getting married I will just hold off until after all of them” Yes? You end up eating a lot more than you would if you had actually weighed in.

Do you ever think right yeah I’ve a lot on for the next 4 weeks . I’m going to sit down and write out the weeks in days. I will control when I can be on plan and when I can’t .


Sunday – Marys 30th, On plan all day but I will enjoy the night . I will have my few drinks, I will eat the food but not overindulge.

Monday – On plan

Tuesday- On plan

Wednesday – Martins 50th, On plan all day again However this is at Martins house so I will bring my own food and snacks. I’ll enjoy the drinks.

Thursday- On plan

Friday- Ding Dong Annie next doors wedding Day.

Your all excitement got a lovely dress for it. Your off to the hairdressers. Your going to be on plan when you can be. When you get to the hairdressers they offer you a coffee. Out the coffee comes with gorgeous biscuits filled with calories and syns. Now here you can be on plan.

So you have your Hi-fi bar with you and your speedy fruit and opt for them instead. You go to the wedding. 3 courses. So what do you do? You decide which course you will indulge in and watch your food for the other two courses. You enjoy your drinks. You controlled that day.

Saturday- Dying from the wedding but you have Sues babies christening

You get up, have your syn free breakfast. Be on plan all day and again watch the food where you can and if you want, enjoy a few drinks.

How hard is the above? Honest?

It isn’t.

You want to drink? Then you need to watch what it is your drinking. Do what I do. Vodka, Tap water and I carry my Robinsons sugar free diluted with me in a handy container you buy in the shop . You wont be drinking the sugar filled drinks behind the bar.

3) Kids, Family & Work

So your due to get weighed or join a class maybe some sort of a group.

You join and are motivated , in your mind this is it now you want to do it.

Through-out the week you find yourself cooking for your kids and family then cooking for yourself. You get fed up of cooking so much so your picking at the kids food, you might as well of ate what the did . Tell me this? Why cant your kids eat the same as you? Why do you feel the need to cook separate for your family?

Wouldn’t it be lovely to all eat the same, make sure your kids don’t end up in the same position that you and I are in?

Id of loved if my Mom & Dad made healthier meals for me. ( They will kill me when they read this)

It’s all mind over matter. Your kids and family may thank you for being aware of what the are eating in the future.

4) Not understanding the programme

To make sure you get the most out of whichever plan you choose you need to understand it 100%. There is a plan out there for everyone. I have said it before I will say it again, you just need to find the one that suits you. Don’t give up easy. If you don’t understand it, don’t be afraid to ask for help. It is what your paying for. You pay for the support. Use it.

You will waste your time if your not tracking everything also. At least in week one if you get into routine of writing down everything you eat, you can show your consultant/trainer. You won’t fall off track knowing you must hand it in each week. You will do it every week if you start doing it week 1.

Be honest with yourself no matter what plan you do.

5) Taking the easy way out

” Its in the family”

“I got the bad genes”

“I’ll never lose it now at my age”

” I’ve accepted this is who I am”

“I just don’t have the time”

Sound familiar?? Yes?….Thought so

Ok before I lost weight I must of spent 2 years saying I’m always gonna be Fat. I don’t have any choice. I was born the heaviest out of my 3 sisters and I , thinking I always will be the heaviest. I’m working around the clock I couldn’t fit in time for myself. It’s in the genes. No its not. You can’t blame anyone only yourself for excess weight, I’m sorry if you feel I am being harsh I’m not but I used all the excuses. You actually can do it but you need to decide you are enough to make you want to do it. That you have this one life , that food , work, excuses or anyone else will not control it. You will.

If any of the above relate to you and your life…. Let me tell you. You can do it. Your the only person that can control what those scales say, How your clothes fit. Your not as young as you used to be? It isn’t to late. Look at my mom, 2 stone down in 12 weeks by just following a plan and tracking everything she eats. You can do the same, No excuse for it. If you want it you have to work for it.

Just decide You are worth it.


The day you decide its a lifestyle change and not a diet, that will be the day It works for you, When you accept you need to be mindful of what you eat full time and control it, then it will work, trust me.


Sarah xx

When will you realise your can do it?
When will you realise your can do it?
I can do it, So can you x
I can do it, So can you x



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  1. Brilliant piece, thank you so much for sharing!! I have just started SW and u have given me loads of motivation!! X

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